The Alpha Battlizer is the Battlizer mode of the Red Legacy Ranger.


The Battlizer was gained when the Grand Shogun appeared in the Bullzord while the Red Ranger was fighting a army of Moogers summoned by a revived Crustor. The Grand Shogun energized the Red Ranger's Legacy Morpher, transforming it into the Alpha Battlizer Morpher. The Red Ranger used the Battlizer's Ground Mode to easily defeat the Moogers and used the Flight Mode to outspeed Crustor then destroy him. The Battlizer continued to be used against tough monsters until the final battle.


The Alpha Battlizer is a straightforward affair in Ground mode with a Shiba Clan Symbol on the chest, added armor and twin blades on the wrists. In flight mode, it gains a pair of wings with the Kanji for the fire on them.


The Alpha Battlizer is capable of extreme feats of speed in both modes, exceeding Mach 3 in Ground Mode and Mach 5 in Flight Mode. The Battlizer can slash foes with it's blades and surround them with flames in Ground mode for its finisher Battlized Blazing Strike. In Flight mode, It can put it's wings over itself as a shield and uses this in its finisher, Spinning Flames Flight. It could also use these finishers one after the other at the cost of powering down to default Ranger state.

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