Gender: Male
Season(s): Power Rangers: Forever Furious
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Power rangers red ranger close up wallpaper - 1024x768

Angelo is the Red Ranger and leader of the Forever Furious Rangers.


Born March 7, 1995, Angelo aspired to fight, which he inherently got from his father. At a very young age, he enrolled in a karate class, but was one of the weakest of his class. His father served as a private mentor and managed to improve his son's skill. When Angelo returned to the school, he bested his teacher and all of the other classmates. He then progressed to a black belt and was praised for his hard work. After graduating middle school, Angelo moved onto highschool. There, he met Marcus and Ai, whom would become his best friends. He was later chosen by The Master to become the Red Ranger due to his neverending will to fight. He harnessed the power of the tiger.

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