This series is abandoned and has not been edited for over 6 months now. If you want to adopt it put in a request here.
Appugurēdo Sentai Gamaranger
Number: ?
Number of episodes: ?
First episode: ?
Power Rangers Counterpart: Power Rangers: Level Up
Original airing: ?
Author: Majingus
Production Order

Appugurēdo Sentai Gamaranger is the Japanese counterpart of Power Rangers: Level Up.


Hideo Hiroshi Nishiyama, a popular japanese videogame designer, decided to take a vacation to the original sentai base to create a summer home. But, when he discovers the sentai suits, he decides to create a super sentai video game, along with his puzzle puncher game. His biggest fans, Len Tsubame, Toshie Kato, and Masamune Fujiyoshi, loved that game he made. However, a girl named Kyoka Nurama only relies on books and school stuff. But, when villans from his game leak out, he tries to get help from his fans and Kyoka to help him send his creations back into the game. Now they get help from their high school classmates, and Ohrangers.


Black Death Len Tsubame
Wicked Wizza Toshie Kato
General Pickle Masamune Fujiyoshi
Student Hottie Kyoka Nurama
Tyrano Hideo Hiroshi Nishiyama

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