Austin Nakamura / Chiller
Kobayashi Yutaka IMG 0012 (1)
Gender Male
Villain Type Independant
Homeworld Earth
Species Insect Monster (Currently)

Human (Formerly)

Series Power Rangers Corsair Thunder
First Appearance Black and Yellow
Actor Yutaka Kobayashi

Austin Nakamura was the boyfriend of Kendall Morgan while in high school, however through an unknown method he was transformed into a monster, later re-naming himself as Chiller. He then attempted to kill Jake Holling by kidnapping Gia Moran, who were dating at the time, and luring him into a trap, which failed.


Austin originally attended Amber Beach High School with Kendall, the two dating for most of their time there. However, after Austin became Chiller he vanished, the Rangers presuming he perished in the cave-in while he was officially declared missing by the Amber Beach Police Department.


Before becoming Chiller, Austin was described as a kind and understanding person, however after his transformation he became angry and vengeful, attempting to kill Jake for interfering in his attack on the city.

Monster Form(s)

Yuzeikusu of the Ice & Snow

Austin's Monster Form

As Chiller, Austin has access to a range of snow and ice based attacks as well as he ability to teleport away from danger. After his transformation into Chiller, Austin cannot return to his human form, his body completely mutated. In this form he first fights Jake, losing and nearly being destroyed, only to be rescued by Ulysses before the cave collapse could crush him.

  • Blizzard Slash
  • Snow Storm


Austin - Kendall

Originally the two cared for each other greatly, however after Austin became Chiller and attempted to kill Kendall the relationship between the two has become on of hatred, although Chiller still shows signs of caring for Kendall.

Austin - Jake

After clashing in their first meeting, Austin (now Chiller) kidnaps Gia and uses her as bait to kill Jake, who believes robbed him of his prize, Kendall.