Battle of the Blues Part II
2, Episode 7
Written by Carmel's Hope
Directed by Carmel's Hope
Episode Guide
Battle of the Blues Part I
Gold with Happiness

The battle continues with Jessie, being forced to fight Chad. Chellby is seen watching them fight. Kelsey notices an upset Jessie. Chellby goes into a flashback where teenage Chad is seen leaving on a helicopter, Jessie, age 9, is seen bidding Chad farewell, with tears in her eyes. the flashback ends with Chellby telling Kelsey that Jessie had waited too long to see Chad again. Tebbi is seen controlling Chad's every move to defeat Jessie. Chad is seen fighting Jessie to the edge of a room in the Abandoned Courthouse that had just been destroyed and made into a ravine. Chad pushes Jessie into the ravine until she is seen hanging on to a branch. Another flashback appears when Chad is seen hanging on to a pillar of a building with Jessie holding on to his hand, and crying. The flashback ends, and Tebbi steps on Jessie's hand, commanding her to admit that she loved Chad. Jessie forces herself to open her mouth. She shouts out "Okay! I love Chad! I've loved him since age 7! Chad, if you're listening to this, I'm sorry we fough like this!" Tebbi is seen running away with Yik and Mik. Jessie climbs up, takes off her helmet, and kisses Chad on his helmet. This breaks the spell on him. Chad ends up being demorphed and collapses. Kelsey and Jessie run to Chad, in hopes he is still alive. Thay wake him, the 10 Rangers team up and defeat Tebbi, Yik, and Mik. The episode ends with Jessie's wedding ceremony in her Shinto Religion Ceremony, she is seen wearing a white dress and a tiara, and her glasses, and she and Chad are seen kissing with everyone shouting out with shouts of Joy.

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