The Blade Series (2013-2022) refers to the series of the Power Rangers Franchise created by an annoymous person under the name of AdamantiumBladez. The series takes place after Power Rangers Super Megaforce, counting Megaforce as one single series placing it in 2012, while Samurai and Super Samurai are both in 2011.


Main Series (2013 - 2014, 2016, 2018 - 2019, 2021)

Character Series
Rainbow Force
Desert Crusade
Forbidden Quest
Grimm Tales

Rainbow Force

Maisy Chen Pink Amerthyst Ranger Yellow Qillin Ranger I
Noah LaMont Purple Cobalt Ranger Azure Dragon Ranger I
Stuart Worrall Blue Sapphire Ranger
Blue Dragon Ranger
Gold Longma Ranger Red Spectrum Ranger Black Scarab Ranger Green Alcaean Ranger
Jacob Sugita Green Emerald Ranger Black Tortoise Ranger I
Emily Piraino Yellow Topaz Ranger Cyan Qingnaio Ranger Pink Legend Ranger
Amelia Chen Oranger Amber Ranger Pink Penghou Ranger
Cameron Worrall Red Ruby Ranger
Red Titan Ranger
White Tiger Ranger I Naval Ranger Black Legend Ranger
Connor Piraino Silver Quartz Ranger Vermillion Phoenix Ranger I Blue Spectrum Ranger Red Scarab Ranger
Red Pharaoh Ranger
Red Alcaean Ranger
Cyan Knight Cyan Syenite Ranger


Serena Richardi Gold Jasper Toxic Ranger White Tiger Ranger II Pink Spectrum Ranger
Fraser Zook White Diamond Toxic Ranger Vermillion Phoenix Ranger II Black Spectrum Ranger Blue Scarab Ranger Blue Alcaean Ranger
Daniel Thatcher Black Obsidian Toxic Ranger Azure Dragon Ranger II White Spectrum Ranger
Oliver Greer Crimson Bloodstone Toxic Ranger Black Tortoise Ranger II
Hannah Penley Navy Aquamarine Toxic Ranger Yellow Qillin Ranger II Yellow Spectrum Ranger Pink Scarab Ranger


Jim Tepes Dragon Shenzao Green Spectrum Ranger

Desert Crusade

Laura Colburn Yellow Scarab Ranger Yellow Alcaean Ranger
Isaac Schuster Gold Ranger Knight
Victoria Van Vurren Silver Ranger Knight White Alcaean Ranger

Forbidden Quest

Hayley Shimazu Pink Imperial Ranger

Grimm Tales

Kieran Colburn Red Legend Ranger
Neptunian Ranger II
Sid Katsumoto Blue Legend Ranger
Jess Merova White Legend Ranger
Asparu Neptunian Ranger I
Edward J. Nately III
(Movie Exclusive)
Green Legend Ranger
Lucy Westenra
(Movie Exclusive)
Yellow Legend Ranger


  • Amelia Chen - the Rainbow Force Oranger Amber Ranger, and later Pink Penghou Nova Ranger
  • Asparu - the Neptunian Ranger I
  • Cameron Worrall - the Rainbow Force Red Ruby/Titan Ranger, and later White Tiger Nova Ranger |, then Naval Ranger, then Black Legend Ranger
  • Connor Piraino - the Rainbow Force Silver Quartz Ranger, and later Vermillion Phoenix Nova Ranger I, then Blue Spectrum Ranger, then Red Scarab/Pharaoh Ranger, then Red Alcaean Ranger
  • Cyan Syenite Ranger 
  • Daniel Thatcher - the Black Obsidian Toxic Ranger, and later Azure Dragon Nova Ranger II, then White Spectrum Ranger
  • Edward J. Nately III - the Green Legend Ranger (Movie Exclusive)
  • Emily Piraino - the Rainbow Force Yellow Topaz Ranger, and later Cyan Qingniao Nova Ranger, then Pink Legend Ranger
  • Fraser Zook- the White Diamond Toxic Ranger, and later Red Vermillion Nova Ranger II, then Black Spectrum Ranger, then Blue Scarab Ranger, then Blue Alcaean Ranger
  • Hannah Penley - the Navy Aquamarine Toxic Ranger, and later Yellow Qillin Ranger II, then Yellow Spectrum Ranger, then Pink Scarab Ranger
  • Hayley Shimazu -the Pink Imperial Ranger
  • Isaac Schuster - the Ranger Knight Gold
  • Jacob Sugita - the Rainbow Force Green Emerald Ranger, and later Azure Dragon Nova Ranger I
  • Jess Merova  - the White Legend Ranger
  • Jim Tepes - the former Dragon Shenzao, later Green Spectrum Ranger.
  • Kieran Colburn - the Red Legend Ranger and also Neptunian Ranger II
  • Laura Colburn - the Yellow Scarab Ranger, and later Yellow Alcaean Ranger
  • Lucy Westenra - the Yellow Legend Ranger (Movie Exclusive)
  • Maisy Chen - the Rainbow Force Pink Amerthyst Ranger, and later Yellow Qillin Nova Ranger I
  • Noah LaMont - the Rainbow Force Purple Cobalt Ranger, and later Black Tortoise Nova Ranger I
  • Oliver Greer - the Crimsom Bloodstone Toxic Ranger, and later Black Tortoise Nova Ranger II
  • Serena Richardi - the Gold Jasper Toxic Ranger, and later White Tiger Nova Ranger II, then Pink Spectrum Ranger
  • Sid Katusmoto  - the Blue Legend Ranger
  • Stuart Worrall - the Rainbow Force Blue Sapphire/Dragon Ranger, and later Gold Longma Nova Ranger, then Red Spectrum Ranger, then Black Scarab Ranger, then Green Alcaean Ranger
  • Victoria van Vurren - the Knight Ranger Silver, and later White Alcaean Ranger

Worlds United (2015)

  • Gen Chāo - Chinese, Asia Division. Ranger 1 Red/Terrestrial Ranger
  • Tomaz Peeters - Dutch, Europe Division. Ranger 2 Blue
  • Mikhail Aleksandrovich - Russian, Eurasia Division. Ranger 3 Green
  • Kayla Acres - U.S.American, Americas N. Division. Ranger 4 Yellow
  • Lily Anderson - Australian, Oceania Division. Ranger 5 Pink
  • Nahom Abel - Equatoguinean, Africa Division. Ranger 6 Black
  • Isbel de Navaez - Chilean, Americas S. Division. Ranger 7 White
  • Marcus Pengöpäts - British-Antarctic, Anarctic Division. Ranger 8 Silver
  • Hank - Martian, Mars Division. Martian Ranger
  • Dion - Venusian, Venus Division. Venusian Ranger

Paradox Initiative (2017)

  • "Adam Gregory" (Terradamos Geogorizenn) - Black Operative Ranger
  • Lucius Claudius Artorius Draco (King Arthur Pendragon)- Red Operative Ranger II
  • Jeanne "Jo" d'Arc (Joan of Arc)- Blue Operative Ranger II
  • "Cleo Lagid" (Cleopatra VII Ptolmey)- Yellow Operative Ranger II
  • Agustín Cosme Damián de Iturbide y Arámburu (Augustin I of Mexico)- Green Operative Ranger II
  • "Temüjin Borjigin" (Genghis Khan)- Bronze Ranger

Unamed former Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and possibly Bronze Rangers

Unamed current Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Bronze Rangers

Dynatheos (2020)

  • Andreas Maris - Red Pantheon/Centurion Ranger
  • Diana Atlenta - Blue Pantheon Ranger
  • Zane Rath - Yellow Pantheon Ranger
  • Brandon Turms - Green Panthoen Ranger
  • Bethany Elina - Pink Pantheon Ranger
  • Averna Taitles - Silver Pantheon Ranger
  • Zagreus Taitles - Gold Pantheon Ranger

Transcendent Kai (2022)

  • Aidan Smith - Red Fire Ranger
  • Calder Irvin - Blue Water Ranger
  • Gail Bluster - Pink Air Ranger
  • Umberto di Savoy - Black Thought Ranger
  • Aurora Pheobus - Yellow Light Ranger
  • Kun Ila - Green Earth Ranger
  • Meldoy Souken - White Sound Ranger
  • Kalki - Silver Pervader

TV Series

Rainbow Force (2013)

Power Rangers Rainbow Force

Rainbow Force Rangers

Toxic Rangers

Parallel Rangers

List of Zords in Power Rangers Rainbow Force

Nova (2014)

Power Rangers Nova

Nova Rangers

Guardian Rangers

Dimension Rangers

Worlds United (2015)

Power Rangers Worlds United

Lactean Rangers

Terra Rangers

Spectrum (2016)

Power Rangers Spectrum

Spectrum Rangers

Paradox Initiative (2017)

Power Rangers Paradox Initiative

Desert Crusade (2018)

Power Rangers Desert Crusade

Forbidden Quest (2019)

Power Rangers Forbidden Quest

Dynatheos (2020)

Power Rangers Dynatheos

Grimm Tales (2021)

Power Rangers Grimm Tales

Transcendent Kai (2022)

Power Rangers Transcendent Kai


Nova: A Power Rangers Movie

Nova: A Power Rangers Movie

Power Rangers: Go Rescue and Grimm Tales

Power Rangers: Go Rescue and Grimm Tales

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