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  • Oliverwestern

    What if the Black Frog Ninja Zord and Black Shogun Zord were Green instead of Black? Result below:

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  • Oliverwestern

    The Pink Ranger of Wild Force, had they used the colour Pink instead of White:

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  • Jtgus11204014


    April 15, 2017 by Jtgus11204014

    As you all know it has been quite a while since I have been frequently active on Power Rangers Fanon Wiki. I guess I just needed a break from writing, but I'm very excited to be starting a new wave of series including Power Rangers Anxient Warriors and Power Rangers Virtual Gamers. I'm definitely going to take things slow and really develop the plots and characters of my new series. I hope you all enjoy and I am very glad to be back on Power Rangers Fanon Wiki! See you all through the screen!

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  • Oliverwestern

    What if the Blue Centurion and Phantom ranger were made into fully fledged Rangers instead? Results below (sorry for bad editing):

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  • White Stranger is on time

    Okay so basically I read Hoot Freeman's I'm feeling down now and I gotta say... SHOCKING and sad. But no worries, Hoot Freeman if you're reading this everything is going to be okay. It's just fanfiction. I suffer the same thing as you. Delphine Dies. Breaks my heart. I only cry for 20 mins. And during Period 4 at school I still think about it, I cried and I was sent to the Guidance Center.(note: that was during 2nd Quarter marking period) But It's just fanfiction, Just make your own death battle... That will cheer you up. Just make the Rangers won the death battle. However back to me... I don't care about Delphine anymore. I now like Kinji Takigawa. Hoot Freeman, Your childhood is not ruined... It's just a fanfiction... Get use to it. I kn…

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  • Hoot Freeman

    I just saw the results of the Death Battle: Power Rangers VS Voltron Force...

    The Rangers lost and my childhood is braking into pieces.

    I expressed my rage and sadnees in this comment

    Power Rangers VS Voltron Force | DEATH BATTLE Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia

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  • Oliverwestern

    Here are all of the DaiRangers as females (the Pink Ranger is the only one whom is Female by Default):

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  • Oliverwestern

    What if the events of Boom Comics also occured in Power Rangers? Results below:

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  • Oliverwestern

    This is what the Power Rangers would've looked like if they had the Power Coins imprinted on the middle Diamind like their toy counterparts of 1993:

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  • Oliverwestern

    What if the events of Power Rangers 2017 also took place in the TV Canon version of Power Rangers?

    Result below:

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  • Reynoman

    Names for Star Force

    March 23, 2017 by Reynoman

    I need some help with making names for my fanfic Power Rangers Star Force, based on Uchu Sentai Kyuranger.

    • Don Armage

    • Eriedrone
      • Title: Karō of Sagittarius
      • Born: Ojikazo of Sagittarius
      • Category: Alloy Alien
      • Inrō: Right Shoulder
      • Design Motif(s): Dragon & Hattian stag statuette
    • Ikargen
      • Design Motif(s): Squid & Crystal skull
    • Mardakko

    • Gamettsui
      • Title: Daikan of Zigama
      • Born: Tutan of Lacerta
      • Category: Creature Alien
      • Inrō: Right Chest
      • Design Motif(s): Tutankhamun & Ammit
    • Moretsuyoindaver
      • Title: Daikan of Needle
      • Born: Jark Matter Laboratory
      • Category: Battle Simulation Lifeform
      • Inrō: Left Chest
      • Design Motif(s): Flatwoods Monster
    • Yumepakkun
      • Title: Daikaan of Earth
      • Born: Newne of Cetus
      • Category: Sea Monster Alien
      • Inrō: Right Belly
      • Design Motif(s): Baku & New Nessie
    • Denvil
      • Title: …

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  • Oliverwestern


    March 20, 2017 by Oliverwestern

    As some of you may or may not know, I have Aspergers Syndrome. This means that when I make edits on this wiki, there is a 50/50 chance that I will unintentionally come across as vandalism. It's an easy mistake for any Admin to make if the wiki has been a victim of MASS vandalism. (I know that a few wikis have had to toughen up on punishment as a direct result of this, and is normally the reason why users create back up versions of the wiki that has been attacked.) Autism can come in a variety of patterns. Some are severely autistic, some (like myself) are extremely lucky to have a mild form of Autism. Autism can also be addressed as Aspergers Syndrome or Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Unfortunately, people with Autism are stigmitised every si…

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  • Lean1345

    In the magical world some warriors fought against evil many years ago the magic gems were left by places of the planet 5 young people will become in Power Rangers

    Avan Jogia

    Roy Russell Red Super Mystic Force Ranger
    Garrett Clayton Drew Bly Green Super Mystic Force Ranger
    Kj Apa Chris Thorn Blue Super Mystic Force Ranger
    Sophia Carson Victoria Rocca Yellow Super Mystic Force Ranger
    Mai Mitchell Margot Rocca Pink Super Mystic Force Ranger

    Mystic Phoenix

    Mystic Minotaur

    Mystic Garuda

    Mystic Mermaid

    Mystic Sprite







    Wizard Merlin

    Bulk and Skull

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  • Starlina

    From my universe installment Power Rangers The Next Generation comes a Space Adventure like never before. Power Rangers Space Voyagers. It's the Featured Series of Month of March and I am very humble for this honor. You guys still have time to take a good view of the Space Voyager Rangers Team it's a goodie.

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  • Oliverwestern

    Power Rangers Legendary Squadron Moghty Morphin Mode:

    NB: For free use in any project(s)

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  • ZeoGoseiPrime68

    Hello, fellow humans! I am currently working on two Power Rangers Crossover fanfics. One of them is a Time Force/SPD/RPM Fanfic about a mysterious villain sending three monsters one at a time to three different eras, one for the Time Force Era, one for the SPD Era & one for the RPM Universe. There are two portals. One for the Time Force Era and one for the SPD Era. There is also a wormhole that leads to the RPM Universe. Meanwhile, Sky is trying to figure out with Wes is his father, Cruger and Doctor K. share each other's stories about losing Isinia and his people to Emperor Grumm and the Venjix Virus spreading all over Earth's computers respectively and Dillon getting captured by Jen.

    Another fanfic is a Mighty Morphin'/Dino Thunder/Dino C…

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  • Oliverwestern

    SPD Future Mode

    March 10, 2017 by Oliverwestern

    What if the SPD gained Future Modes from the SPD Omega Ranger in order for both he and Nova to be summoned at any time? Gallery below.

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  • Starlina

    As Many of us Ranger Fanatics learned last week that Power Rangers Dino Force Brave is based on Kyroryuger and airing in South Korea next Month. In Which inspires us here at the Fanon to create cool adaptations.

    Here's Mine entitled: Power Rangers Alpha Dino Charge

    Taking place 5 years after Dino Super Charge and a new High School is in Amber Beach. The new Power Rangers Team find new energems the Alpha Energems Heckyl returns as the new Mentor to the new Rangers with Poisandra revive, reformed and on board with the new team

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  • Oliverwestern

    What if the Female SPD Rangers had skirts like all of the other female Rangers? Gallery is below, all images are free to use.

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  • Oliverwestern


    February 27, 2017 by Oliverwestern
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  • Reynoman

    Names for Beast Guardians

    February 21, 2017 by Reynoman

    I need some help with thinking up some names for my fanfic Power Rangers Beast Guardians, based on Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger; things like the villains, their monsters, & especially the Rangers' arsenal & their zords/megazords. 

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  • RedLegend1

    New Leadership (2017)

    February 17, 2017 by RedLegend1

    Recognize the title of this blog post? This was the title of the very same blog post where Chris talked about leading this wiki. It's been five years since that post, and we are now about to do this all over again. Right now, I am offering to you guys the possibility of having me take over as the new bureaucrat. I could

    • Update the background, and keep it updated yearly.
    • Make some more members mod's to help around the site.
    • Add another bureaucrat to work alongside me.
    • Potentially do some more fun stuff both here and outside the wiki.
      • And maybe even collaborate with the guys at the Tokupedia hub.
    • and more...

    That was just a select few of the things I would/could probably do if I get promoted.

    So what do you think of this change? Do you guys like it?…

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  • Braves246


    February 17, 2017 by Braves246

    My friend and I have been working on LightForce for a while now, so I decided to add it to this wiki, we are currently working on it and we hope to get more info out soon!

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  • Lloyd the golden ninja


    February 14, 2017 by Lloyd the golden ninja

    I am free fr anyone to help them with anything (Series,Episodes,Zords,Rangers etc)

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  • Masked-Rider-Victory

    Currently doing:

    Listening to: CupcakKe's album "Shelters To Deltas" (S.T.D.)

    Eating: A Cookie

    Drinking: Hot Chocaolate (WITH SPRINKLES!!!)

    Writing: Deciding Things

    Hey, M.R.V. here. Remember that post that said "I'm halting Mighty Morphin' Dino Ark (M.R.V. Fanon)" form a month or two ago? Well, scratch that. After a lot of consideration, I've decided to JUST focus on the Power Rangers part of M.R.V. Fanon. So, the series "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Dino Ark (M.R.V. Fanon)" will go on as originally scheduled!!! For the 2 people bothering to read this, make sure to stay tuned! More epiodes on the way!!!

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  • Hoot Freeman

    Forever all Red

    February 3, 2017 by Hoot Freeman

    What time is it?

    Jason Lee Scott: Its Morphin' Time! *Morph sequence* Might Morphin Red Ranger!

    Tommy Oliver: Zeonizer, ignite! *Morph sequence* Red Zeo Ranger!

    T.J. Johnson: Shift into Turbo! *Morph sequence* Red Turbo Ranger!

    Andros: Let's Rocket to Space! *Morph sequence* Red Space Ranger!

    Leo Corbett: Go, Galactic! *Morph sequence* Red Galaxy Ranger!

    Carter Grayson: Light-speed, to Rescue! *Morph sequence* Red Lightspeed Ranger!

    Wesley Collins: Time for Time Force! *Morph sequence* Red Time Force Ranger!

    Eric Myers: Quantum Power! *Morph sequence* Quantum Ranger!

    Cole Evans: Wild Access! HA! *Morph sequence* Red Wild Force Ranger!

    Shane Clarke: Ninja Storm! Ranger Form! HA! *Morph sequence* Red Ninja Storm Ranger!

    Conner McKnight: Dino Thunder! P…

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  • Masked-Rider-Victory

    Temporary Leave

    December 31, 2016 by Masked-Rider-Victory

    Currently doing:

    Listening to: CupcakKe's album "Audacious"

    Eating: Doritos

    Drinking: Dr. Pepper

    Writing: Masked Rider (M.R.V. Fanon)

    Hi, I'm Masked-Rider-Victory. I am a writer and wiki editor on here, the Kamen Rider Fan Fiction Wiki, and the Tokusatsu Fan Fiction Wiki. I am not the most well-known but am currently working on a series on the Power Rangers Fanon Wiki called Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Dino Ark (M.R.V. Fanon). The 'M.R.V. Fanon' part is to show that it is part of a series I am doing, essentially re-writing the series to fit a mold, create my own stories within, and properly connect the seasons together, along with having a good series over a poor one (Operation Overdrive, I'm looking at you). I'm also doing that for Kamen Ri…

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  • Dragonzeron

    Otaku Project

    December 15, 2016 by Dragonzeron

    Hey guys this isnt your usual blog post cause it isnt but recently I have been into singing in fact I have been into Anison and Tokumusic for almost 4 years and I thought why dont I create a group that can sing as well as write Tokusatsu Songs in english so if your interested comment 

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  • Dragonzeron

    Sad news to announce

    December 3, 2016 by Dragonzeron

    Hotjohnimus on here who drew the pictures and logos has died at the young age of 18 on December 1st due to a tragic accident. for those who dont know he was always willing to help me and Timothy along and what not and he often sympathized with both me and Vinny who we both are on good terms but dont do fanfics anymore but anyway I would like to announce the full revival of Shinobiman to continue on John's legacy we will be using his artwork as basis but change things up and what not therefor I am asking the fanfic community to come together and work together to finish Shinobiman in his honor We have also gotten the go ahead to sell t shirts in his honor from his Mom so if you want a link I will try to get one in a few days 

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  • Haridva

    HI! I'm Haridva. So I'm not the best at making images. Therefore, I'm asking all of my fans, if they could, to make just one image of all of my Power Rangers Months Fury rangers. I've made individual images. I just need one of the entire group. Thank you all so much!

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  • Thantosiet

    Logo Requests

    November 12, 2016 by Thantosiet

    I've started taking on requests for logos (and symbols) from other writers here, so I'm making a queue here so everyone can see my progress. I am still taking requests, if anyone is curious.

    Image Requester Completion
    Shaolin Fury symbol User:Future Beetle

    Treasure Hunt symbol User:Future Beetle

    Element Strike logo & Rangers User:PurpleRanger

    Divine Force logo & Rangers User:PurpleRanger

    Sports Skill symbol User:Future Beetle To be redone because I think I can do better.
    Buccaneer logo & Rangers User:PurpleRanger

    Galactic Squadron Logo User:Master DA

    Ninja Fury symbol User:Future Beetle

    Dragon Knights Logo Prentis-65 Viewable Here
    Constellation Force Logo User:Future Beetle Brainstorming
    Rescue Corps Logo SugaryDiamond Brainstorming
    Wing Commanders Log…

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  • Haridva

    How to Develop a Series

    October 31, 2016 by Haridva

    Hi! I'm Haridva. Lately, I've been noticing how blank series can get. Some are labeled as done by the authors without even a link to any episodes nor any characters. This isn't necessarily the author's fault. Many don't know whether or not they should develop their series or move on. This is a guide on development.

    Do NOT simply stop when you've come up with a basic storyline of some heroes battling villains just because. That is one of the most generic and bland plotlines. Readers are wondering about the actions that led up to this. If you want to, you can make the heroes generic. That is okay. However, add something interesting. What makes your series interesting to me?


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  • Patrick.cesare

    I’m making my personal Zyuohger adaptation, and I have decided that the Zyuman’ Zyuohger have alternate forms too. So could someone please make images of this forms? :-) In any case thank s.

    Zyuoh Shark------Scorpion Zyuoh Lion------Snapping turtle Zyuoh Elephant------Spider Zyuoh Tiger------Horse

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  • Master DA

    Need help on S.F. Rangers.

    September 11, 2016 by Master DA

    Hello everyone. My name is Master DA and I've created this recent page called the Power Rangers Special Forces. The problem I have is finding more rangers to do. I already have the White Tiger Ranger and the Black Wolf Ranger I've made. Now I just need to more for the Special Force Rangers. I need help to find soldier like Power Rangers. If you have any questions on this ask away if you want. Thank you.

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  • Thantosiet

    I've been pretty inactive for the last...year or so. Mostly personal issues, which thankfully are under control now. So I'm back now, and while I'm still gonna clean house a little here and there, I'm also going to work on my own fics for a bit.

    That brings me to the one I currently have in progress: Shattered Hourglass. I've actually rebooted this one...twice before, though the original original draft never left my personal files. There have been a couple of different reasons for this, usually because I didn't like the direction or felt I'd rushed through it. It's rather different this time.

    First off, I've been collaborating with Aaron Thall, and together we wrote a crossover called the Multiverse Crush Crisis, which involved the Hourglass…

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  • White Stranger is on time


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  • Weird dude123


    June 17, 2016 by Weird dude123

    cxvh., vbn,m

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  • Weird dude123


    June 17, 2016 by Weird dude123
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  • Jholline
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  • Jholline
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  • MP6

    A huge problem

    June 8, 2016 by MP6

    My computer had a tons of problems. I think it's pretty much dead. So, I'm using my iPhone for right now. I'm not sure if it needs to be fixed or not.

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  • JacquesTyler95

    I was watching an episode of The Onyx Tavern, where Ricky was talking about why Power Rangers (recently) and Super Sentai have never dabbled with exploring stories beyond fifty episodes. And that got me thinking; given the success of Dekaranger: 10 Years Later, what if Saban took on a similar approach for future Power Ranger reunion projects? Like what happened to some of our favourite characters in the 10-15 years after we last saw them? Are there any unfinished plot threads that need to be tied up? What new challenges await these characters? 

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  • JacquesTyler95


    May 26, 2016 by JacquesTyler95

    I'd say last night was a bit exciting for me, but that'd imply what I did was legal. Or even in good taste toward some of the other authors on this site. And for that, I profusely apologise for what I had done. Hopefully, this will not be a recurring problem.

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  • Zyuoh-Eagle

    Who am I?

    May 9, 2016 by Zyuoh-Eagle

    First of all, hi!

    Just thought I'd just tell you guys about myself. I'm a student, I write a fanfic 'Power Rangers Corsair Thunder' on my FF and AO3 accounts. I also create pixel art and other assorted goodies which are posted on my DeviantArt, please feel free to check them out!


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  • KaijuRanger2003

    A New User

    May 7, 2016 by KaijuRanger2003

    Hi. I'm KaijuRanger2003. Here's a few things about me.

    I'm a girl.

    I believe in my LORD and Savior Jesus Christ, so don't attack me for my faith, or I'll unfriend you.

    I like SuperBook, Godzilla, Ultraman,Left Behind, etc.

    Have a blessed day.

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  • Kht48

    Update On My Seasons

    March 6, 2016 by Kht48

    Hi! So, I know I have not been very active, but soon I will be starting to work my way back up! Managing 3 wikias is tough work for someone who also balances school in the mix. The first thing that I will do is that from March to April, I will be making illustrations for my created characters, especially Gem Mages, since it is a completely original idea. Then, I might get an episode of that season out first, and then Dino Patrol. It may take time, but I will be back.

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  • FreakShow93

    Art Request

    December 25, 2015 by FreakShow93

    So, me and someone I know came up with an idea revolving around Power Rangers and Greek mythology. Could anyone be willing to help with the artwork?

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  • Kht48

    About Engine Overdrive

    November 21, 2015 by Kht48

    I know that I adandoned it for a year, but then I saw some way for it to possibly work. I will be keeping the show and modifying it too, and make a couple of episodes. This thing had such great potential, and now, I have officially made it a promise to bring it back!

    Ok, nevermind, I think I'll delete this.... it's hard for me to beat Dino Patrol that easily, I'll definitely be creating another season later on, but nothing of RPM will have to do with it. I've just deleted all traces.

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  • MP6

    Upcoming Announcement

    November 16, 2015 by MP6

    UPDATE: The twentieth installment will be titled Power Rangers Freedom Fighters.

    The twentieth installment of Power Rangers Crossover Universe is coming! Unfortunately, I'm lost interest in making more installments. So, I have to make the 20th one the last. Don't worry, I'm still working on non-CU PR work.

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  • Sonic Flash

    Hello fellow earthlings, and thanks for reading my very first blog post on this wiki. I'm just looking for a skilled graphic designer who can design me a few ranger suits for some technology based series I'm gonna make.

    In return I'd be willing to help you out with your series. So if you're interested, kindly leave me a message on my wall for more details. Your support is appreciated, thanks.


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