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The relationship between Bridge Carson and Anna Thomas began in C-Squad Power Rangers: SPD.

Bridge-Anna Relationship
General Information
Nickname Branna 
Intimacy Level Allies, Husband and Wife
Started Dating C-Squad Power Rangers SPD
Dating Status Married

Relationship History

In C-Squad Power Rangers SPD, Bridge meets Anna and her friends from the past who had lost their rangers powers in Time to go SPD, Part 2. Anna develops a crush on Bridge


  • They share somewhat similarites with each other.
  • They were involved in a love triangle with cyborg, S.O.P.H.I.E.
  • Anna was jealous with Bridge's friendship with S.O.P.H.I.E.
  • Bridge retired from SPD early to marry Anna.
  • Bridge and Anna were the second rangers to get married. The first were Hunter & Claire, the third were Andy & Susie.
  • Bridge was annoying towards Anna's cousin, Kayla Thomas.
  • Unlike Anna, Bridge is Jewish.
  • Bridge's former commanding officer Doggie Cruger dislikes Anna.

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