The Buzzonians are a race of warriors who have been waging a war between the Smithy Empire and the Antiock forces.


Buzzonians have compond eyes, antennae, four arms with three claws on them, double jointed legs, chitinous skins, wings, stingers and mandibles. They live in large hives built into a gigantic tree with heavy defenses. All Buzzonians have a hive mind and think as one, with the queen being the only exception. They live only to expand their territory and destroy anything that gets in their way. They do not wear armour unless they lose their wings.


The Workers act as the taskforce of the Buzzonian hive and wield portable drills and shock-staffs, weapons that act as large tasers. They carry out the tasks of the hive and are the lowest ranked. They are the most numerous and can fight decently.


Drones act as the soldiers and carry laser rifles, shock-staffs and proximity grenades. They are trained for warfare early in their lives and are vicious and cruel. Only 10% of the hive is made up of Drones, although there are still a lot of them.


The Queen is the largest and is heavily guarded at all times by 20 Drone guards.