Purple Ranger
Gender: Female
Colors: Purple
Homeworld: Earth
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Last Appearance: {{{lastepisode}}}
Number of Episode
Purple Ranger

Carol is the Purple Ranger and fourth team member.


Carol was born June 22, 1995, Carol lives with her family including her parents, her older brother (age 20), her younger brother (age 11) and sister (age 13). She was near 18-years-old girl who loves to study on her intelligence. At a very young age, she was good at learning math and science. After the graduation of high school, she learn how to use martial arts. Eventually, after she use skills from martial arts, she become the purple ranger. She met Angelo, Marcus, Ai, Bayani and Christopher in martial arts class before they became friends. She never loses her temper unless Marcus gets angry for no reason. One-time she gets mad for not letting Marcus to calm down. She makes an good effort to get along with the Rangers as well someway.

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