"We will stand together to fight against evil, and expecially from the likes of you!"

- Tony Marshall, Marsh-Verse Red Ranger. Quote is used entirely throughout the series.

The Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy Fan-Film Series (Marsh-Verse) will be in a trilogy of films by Anthony Marsh, Jr , based on Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy but the difference between these films and the original series is that the Marsh-Verse adaptation of Lost Galaxy take place in a much distant Alternative Continuity and Timeline from the show (see Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (1995) and the Lionsgate 2017 movie for examples) where in this alternate continuity and timeline, have different and original individuals (who are NOT self-insertions or multiplied self insertions of the fan series' author mind you) to take on the legendary power of the Quasar Sabers to be the new Galaxy Power Rangers within the 2010s onward with new interpretations of villains like Trakeena, Scorpius, Villamax, Deviot, Furio among others to name a few along with villains made exclusively for the Marsh-Verse like Lord Metarex of the Zion Empire and Shadow Knight (whose costume is adapted from Wing Knight/Kamen Rider Knight from Kamen Rider Dragon Knight/Ryuki).

Unlike most Power Rangers fan films, this film series compraise characters crafted and made from mount board and electronically printed imagery to be made a paper puppets as the characters along with headshots of photos of mostly small known actors from Television and film to be them if they were them - like Wes Bentley ( Ghost Rider, American Horror Story, There Be Dragons) for the Red Ranger and Maggie Siff (Mad Men, Sons of Anarachy, Billions, A Woman A Part) as Trakeena for examples, - making this the first to do so - with the notable exception of Don Cheadle (Marvel Cinematic Universe films like Iron Man 2 and Avengers Age of Ultron, House of Lies), who a A-List actor known being in most Steven Soderbergh directed films, to be the Marsh-Verse Green Ranger in likeness. The film sometimes often use toys from various Power Rangers toyline (including Lost Galaxy's) on occasion but every now and then would ultilize custom and recorded video game stock footage from video games where gamers can create custom characters freely (like in Saints Row, Grand Theft Auto V, WWE 2k, etc.) as their kin to how the actual Power Rangers TV series would with ultilizing footage from Super Sentai in every season since season 1 of Mighty Morphin (1993-1994).

The Fan Films Series will be in a trilogy that started with the 2014 Fan Film semi reboot of Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy (2014 film) , followed by its upcoming sequel Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: The Wrath of Trakeena - which will commemorate Lost Galaxy's 20th Anniversary - for a 2019 release. Plans on a third Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Marsh-Verse film are not revealed yet.



See Also

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