2, Episode 19
Written by Carmel's Hope
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Power in New Hands

Caught is the nineteenth episode of season 2 of Power Rangers Samurai. It follows from the eighteenth episode Escape.


Jessie, Chad, Josh, and Ian are seen at the police station. Billy arrives to pick the 4 up. Since he had been the one who suggested they run away to escape Jessie's Dad, Billy takes the heat, but does not get put in jail. They head home, and the next day, Billy gets a call from Jessie's fake dad, telling him to drop her off at her uncle's grave. They have a conversation and Mr. Parnell admits he and his wife had kidnapped her a week after her birth, due to them losing their Zeo powers to "those immature kids." (referring to Tommy Oliver, Adam Park, Rocky DeSantos, Tanya Sloan, and Katherine Hillard). Jessie confronts him telling him it's not their fault that they needed a new power. Mr. Parnell slaps Jessie and tells her that they are thieves and will be banished from Canon City as long as he's mayor. Jessie makes a snappy comeback saying she hopes he's impeached sometime soon due to his tyranny. Mr. Parnell gets angered and leaves in his limousine. Meanwhile at the Cranston house, Ian is seen walking to practice with Chellby, trying to console him on his failed attempt to run away. Nighlok Imi appears and takes the souls of Colorado Springs citizens. Back in the Lakeside Cemetery, Jessie is looking upon her uncle's grave which says "Kelly Francis Parnell, July 6, 1971 - December 17, 2004, our loving brother and Power Ranger." A flashback appears from when Jessie is seen crying after her uncle had just died in a rollover accident. Jessie is seen with tears. The flashback ends with Jessie in tears and she is seen getting in Billy's van. Brittney and Chellby walk outside to see an upset Jessie, and Chellby cheers her up with a party. They are seen celebrating, with them being exhausted and falling asleep on the Cranston house couch. The next day, Jessie and her father are seen at her uncle's grave once more talking with her fake dad for the last time in this season. Jessie get's back in Billy's van. Jessie answers her Samuraizer Phone, to Chad warning her to come and fight the Nighlok. Jessie arrives at the location, morphs, and along with the 5 other rangers, use elemental slash to kill Imi. The ranger's head home, in better moods, with Jessie saying she called Canon City's vice mayor and convinced him to impeach her dad. The Rangers laugh as they walk inside.


  • This episode is similar to act 34 of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon "Ami is Changing Schools."

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