Charlie Jones
Gold Excalibur Ranger
Gender: Male
Season(s): Power Rangers Knights of the Realm
Colors: Gold
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: As Good as Gold - Part 1
Last Appearance: The Final Battle
Number of Episode
Actor: Darragh Mortell
Gold Excalibur Ranger

Charlie Jones is the Gold Excalibur Ranger of the Knights of the Realm Rangers.


Charlie Jones was born in Cardiff, Wales. He led a mostly normal life just like any other person, except for one difference. His family were the keepers of the sword Excalibur. Charlie, just like generations of his family before him, looked after Excalibur and waited for the time when the sword, and the powers of the Gold Ranger that came with it, would be needed once again.

When the Lady of the Lake tasked the Knights of the Realm Rangers to collect the sword to help in the fight against the evil sorceress Bellatrix. It was Charlie, much to his surprise, who was chosen by Excalibur to wield the Gold Ranger powers.

Gold Excalibur Ranger


  • Morphing Amulet
  • Knights Destiny Shield
  • Excalibur


  • Gold Excalibur Zord