Choudenshi Bioman II
Number ?
Number of episodes: 10
First episode: ?
Last episode: ?
Intro: Choudenshi Bioman II/Theme Song
Adapted from: None
Original airing: ?
Author: Carmel's Hope
Production Order
ode}}Choudenshi Bioman II (超電子バイオマンII, Chōdenshi Baioman II, translated into English as Super Electronic Bioman II) is a Jackass: Second Generation parody.


Many centuries ago, the android Peebo and the Bio Robo came to Earth from the fallen Bio Star. The Bio Robo showered five people with the Bio Particles, which would be passed on to later generations. In the present day, Doctor Man and his Shin Teikoku (New Empire) Gear threaten the world. Peebo must find the descendants of the original Bio Particle-showered five to form the Choudenshi (Super Electronic Squadron) Bioman. 27 years later, new Biomen have been called on to fight the Doctor Man and his Shin Teikoku. Peebo finds the descendants of the original Bioman. Together they form Choudenshi Bioman II.


Color Role Actor
1 Koro Izumi
2 Samuel Koizumi
3 Kota NanbaraMargaret Nanbara
4 Kazumi Yabuki
5 Willa Martin

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