This page spotlights the differences between Balance and Max Thunderman.


Balance Max
Is a robot constructed in the

Tenbin System

Is a super hero from earth
has no siblings Has a twin sister and 3 younger siblings, one is not a ranger
Helps Naga learn emotions and

steal from Jark Matter

Nora is Max's younger sister
has robotic/tech abilities Has many super powers
Is the sole user of the Kyu Crossbow Eustus uses the Crossbow attachment when in Pavo Mode
Debuted in Space 1, morphs in

Space 2 (Kinji Takiawa debuted

in Shinobi 8, joins the team in

Shinobi 10)

Morphs in Space 1 (Levi Weston did not morph till episode 8)
Has to fight Naga as Hebitsukai Metal Has to fight his twin sister, Phoebe (Shogun Black II)