This page spotlights the differences between Champ and Billy Thunderman.


Champ Billy
Is a mechanical Bull created by Dr. Anton Is a super hero from Earth
He was designed to originally destroy, but Dr. Anton made him work for good His older siblings, have had evil phases
wears his jacket like a matador's cape wears his jacket normally
gets killed a lot doesn't die in the series
Is the only Black Ranger, out of 12 rangers His older sister, Phoebe, also wears

Black (out of 16 rangers)

Was one of the original Kyurangers found his Ohman stone about the same

time as everyone else

Suit is part of his torso, despite still needing

the Oushi Kyutama

Needs to use the Bull Stone to morph

like any other ranger

Champ is similar to a Kaman Rider in his

Origin Story

The Thunderman's are a lot like The Incredibles as both deal with living a double life as supers and "mortals"
His Super Power is Super Strength, he is also heat resistant His super power is super speed, but

the suit gives him increased strength

An evil robot form of him existed for a period Unlike his older siblings, he never had an evil phrase, accidental or otherwise.