This Page Highlights the differences between Denshi Sentai Denziman and Power Rangers GSA.


Denizman Power Rangers GSA
Came out in 1988/1989 Came out in 2019/2020
Was succeeded by Sun

Vulcan, but is not a direct

continuation with the same team

Was continued in Galaxy Squadron

Andromeda Orion with some new rangers

Team colors are Red, Blue,

Yellow, Green, Pink

Team colors are Red, Green, Pink,

Orange, Yellow, and 2 wannabe/extra

White Rangers (outside Sun Vulcan Suits)

Have 1 female ranger Have 5 female rangers, meaning they

are the first team with the same number

of Female rangers than Male (they also

have points where there are more Females

than Males)

Never met any other rangers

til Turboranger

Met Henry Hart/Kid Danger, Ray

Manchester/Captain Man, Max; Nora;

and Billy Thunderman. All but Ray continue

on in Galaxy Squad.

Has a technology motif Has and LGBT/Austism motif
Rangers are adults Rangers are in High School
Has a single "interlocking"


Has two mature megazords, a semi

interlocking mech, and a robot (Gemini


The powers are from the

Planet Denshi, the rangers

are descendants called by IC

The Powers were discovered by Rosa

Salir in a cave 10 years prior to their

use, she dies before the rangers find

out they are from the plant Denshi.

Rangers are "normal" Red Ranger likes both guys and girls,

Green is trans, Orange and Yellow are

Gay, Black/Blue is Autistic

Team's main mentor is a robot

dog named IC

Team is led by Rosa, with fellow students

Ava Frasier and her robot BFF Elizabeth

(Alpha ZXK)

Use Rings to Morph Core team use the Denshi Morphers

(Doran Changers from Kakuranger), extra

rangers use rings