The following shows the differances between two rangers, Kin'ya Samejima and Eustus MacAlister.


Kin'ya Eustus
Is a Naval Officer Attends High School at

Forge Bend High

Grew up in Africa Grew up in Forge Bend,


Never Led the Vulcan Rangers

or joined the Machine Empire

Was the leader of the ASD

Rangers and a General of

the Shogun

Shares first name with actor Share surname with RPM's

Blue Ranger, Flynn

Was a member of the the Great

Legand War

The Legendary Battle occurred

before GSA

Morphs with the Vulcan Brace Morphs with the ASD Power Ring
was preceded by Daigoro Oume Tycho Franklin, Daigoro's counterpart,

is not only an orange ranger, but an

old friend of Eustus

Never met the Denziman until

the Great Legand War

Is the official 6th ranger of the GSA

Rangers, but also leads the secondary

ASD/Gemini Rangers in Ally 32-35