This is a page showing the differences between Uchu Sentai Kyuranger


Kyuranger Power Rangers GSA
Briefly starts with 3 rangers,

ends with 12

Briefly Starts with 4 rangers, Core team is 5, 2

wannabe rangers, 3 that use Sun Vulcan suits

(also used the Hurricane Dark suit).

The Orange Ranger is evil, albeit


The Black Ranger is evil, became the Blue ranger
Takes place in a parallel universe in

an apocalyptic future

Takes place on the same Earth as Ninja Steel
Have met fellow Sentai Rangers,

Kaman Riders, and Metal Heros

Met supes who they would later fight alongside
Has 48 episodes and 3 movies Has 40 episodes across 2 seasons
Did not becomes another sentai

team (however, Denzi Green's actor

voiced Kulknger)

Became the Galaxy Squad Rangers, none of the

main actors were in past Power Rangers seasons.

Have a collectible system, Kyutamas Unlock new "Denshi Powers", as well as

card based abilities, but no special system

like the Kyutama (only used by Shogun Black).