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The Core Shooter is the main five Astro Blast Rangers weapon. It also can transform into a sword mode called the Astro Sword.

Core Shooter

The Core Shooter is the main blaster for the Astro Blast Rangers. It is Black and White in color with the Black as the main color but stripes of white on both sides and the top. The name Astro Blast is printed on each side in red text with some wire drawings on the top. When normally launched you get the "Energy Blast" but if all five rangers do it together you get the "Core Shot" or when using one of the Core Shooters but with the other rangers powering it you get the "Astro Blast".

Astro Sword

The Astro Sword is the sword mode of the Core Shooter. It takes the normal design of the Core Shooter but brings out a silver sword tip and extends the back shoot portion and brings it up extending the white stripe that was on both sides of the gun. When attacking a foe normally its "(Color) Slash" but when they do a attack at the same time you get the "Astro Slash". If the other rangers power only one person using the sword you get the "Ultimate Space Strike".


  • The changing of a sword into a gun is normal for most Sixth Ranger's but this is one of the few times its for the main team.

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