Cyrus Hopewell is the green ranger of Power Rangers: World Force. He is also the leader of the group.


Cyrus has pale skin and brown hair, with green streaks through the front. He has one green eye and one blue eye. He is consitered to be intelligent, quick-thinking, and physicly strong.


Cyrus was born to an american family, to parents Charlene and Dave. The family was relitively wealthy, and he was given "life on a silver pladder". His parents told him he was destined to be the green ranger when he was 13. From then on, he trained and trained. He soon became good with nunchucks. He also was great at other weapons like clubs and knives. After 4 years, he was picked up by the helecraft and went to the World Force Base under East St. Louis.

Ranger Powers

Even though Cyrus' nunchucks may seen like a not-very powerful weapon, Cyrus can easily knock somebody out with them. His power is to control earth, so he can move dirt or rocks with his mind or make plants or trees grow.

Name: Cyrus Hopewell

Age: 17

Gender: M

Home city: Washington DC, america

Weapon: Nunchucks among others

Skills: Weapons, physicly strong, very inteligent

Weaknesses: overconfidence, no long-ranged attacks

Ranger color: Green. Symbol: Two stripes



  • Cyrus' first name derives from a lion king spoof on YouTube, made by "vietfirestar". His last name is named after an american indian tribe.

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