The Dark Dinozords are creations of Lokar that were made to imitate the Dinozords. They were unable to combine into a Megazord but made up for it with raw power. They were destroyed by the Legacy Megazord along with multiple giant monsters.


The Dark Dinozords resemble the dinozords with a few differences. They have black bodies with purple accents along with a single demonic eye symbol on each Zord's back.


The Dark Dinozords all had the power to shoot beams of energy from their eyes along with the power to summon forth a shadowy form that resembled the Megazord to fight for them when their foes combined their own Zords.

Battle Formation

The Dark dinozords employed this finisher to defeat Megazords when their shadowy form was done with them.Thee Dark Dinozords moved into a triangle formation and fired a massive beam of energy at their foes. This finisher was noticeably blocked by the Legacy Megazord's sword.

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