Dead End Megazord
Number of Zords 3
Zords Eagle Racer, Wolf Blaster, Paleozord
Series Power Rangers Apocalypse Force

The Dead End Megazord is the secondary Megazord of the Apocalypse Rangers formed from the Eagle Racer, Wolf Blaster and 2 parts of the Paleozord.


The Dead End Megazord is a Megazord designed with swift ranged combat in mind. It can fire shots from the Wolf Blaster which is used for it's first finisher Final Sniper , A salvo of shots from the Wolf Blaster augemented by the energy from it's Engine Cell. It can also use the Paleozord parts forming it to augement it's kicks with ice. It's second finisher is the Dead End Sniper, A powerful shot from the Wolf Blaster powered by all the Engine Cells used by the Megazord.

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