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Digi Sentai Virtualranger
Number ?
Number of episodes: ?
First episode: ?
Last episode: ?
Intro: Digi Sentai Virtualranger/Theme Song
Adapted from: ?
Original airing: ?
Author: Pikatwig
Production Order
Digi Sentai Virtualranger is a fan-made Super Sentai team.


Evil beings from a virtual reality break free from a video game, with plans to take over Earth. A main character from the video game, Digitas attempts to follow, but is only successful enough to take over the video game system the game resides in, but it is enough for him to interact with the real world, and he uses this to recruit five talented gamers with the ability to become the heroes of his homeworld, the Virtualrangers. At first, he only finds those to become VirtualRed, Blue, and Yellow, but they prove strong for sometime.



Designation Name
VirtualRed Kiyonaga "Kiyo" Fujita
VirtualBlue Roka Konae
VirtualYellow Mayu Ohba
VirtualBlack ?
VirtualPink ?


  • Digitas
  • Princess Serena


  • Leader YKleter
  • General Actmi
  • General RedDeath
  • General Lizrus
  • Vileters
  • Deletdroids


Henshin Devices

  • Virtualizers- There are gun/phones that the Virtualrangers carry in their pockets, and they need to insert one Digi-Coin to become the Virtualrangers.
    • Digi-Coin- Used as money in the game, used to activate the Virtualizers, and summon VirtualMachines.


  • Virtual Weapons- Individual weapons for the Virtualrangers
    • VirtualSword- VirtualRed's weapon.
    • VirtualDaggers- VirtualBlue's weapons.
    • VirtualBoomerang- VirtualYellow's weapon.


The VirtualMachines are the giant robots piloted by the Virtualrangers, and they are all based on animals, though to summon them, they need to insert 5 Digi-Coins into the Virtualizer to summon their respective machines. They can combine like all Sentai Mechas, though with the absence of VirtualBlack and VirtualPink, no combos can be preformed.

  • VirtualBull- The VirtualMachine piloted by VirtualRed.
  • VirtualEagle- The VirtualMachine piloted by VirtualBlue.
  • VirtualRabbit- The VirtualMachine piloted by VirtualYellow.

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