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Doggie Cruger commanded the SPD base until he retired and Sky Tate took over as supreme commander at SPD Headquarters and Ariana Smith took over as commander of the SPD base. He is also a former shadow ranger. He dislikes some Power Rangers like the Dino Rangers, Anna Thomas, Kayla Thomas, and the Megarangers.

Ranger Profile



Cruger was captured by Sky Tate's old enemy, Vexica

Galactic Force

In Galactic Force, Cruger wasn't happy when Bridge retired from SPD early to marry Anna Thomas. He also wasn't happy when the Galactic Force Power Rangers defend town Riverside. Cruger revealed that both Jocelyn Phillips and Kayla Thomas were too young to be Power Rangers and insulted them. Until Kayla stood up to him and called him a jerk. Which began their conflict. Later on, after the Galactic Force and S.P.D. teamed up to battle the Alliance of Evil, Cruger and Kayla final buried the hatchet.


In Super Megaforce, Former Power Ranger Kayla Thomas mentions Cruger, however not by name. Kayla says to Super Megaforce Silver Ranger Heather Merrill, who quit being a ranger after she was insulted, "You know, besides being Power Rangers, we have a lot more in common than you think.....During my time as a ranger, Somebody insulted me being a ranger and we didn't work together at all."


  • Cruger was the first non-human Power Ranger mentor in Ranger history.
  • He had his first conflict with an human ranger.
  • Cruger was the first mentor to not be from Earth since Telexa.
  • Anubis is the second mentor to become a ranger after Susie, Tommy, and followed by Udonna and RJ.
    • He is also the only non-human mentor in this category.
  • Cruger dislikes some of the historic rangers (Dino Rangers, Anna Thomas, Kayla Thomas, and Jocelyn Phillips).

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