Doctor Samson Richard Dave Munroe
Gender: Male
Ally Type Mentor
Season(s) Power Rangers Animal Task
Homeworld Earth
First Appearance Power Animals
Last Full Appearance Venom's Wrath
Number of Appearances {{{numberofepisodes}}}
Actor Bede Skinner

Dr. Munroe was the mentor to Rangers. However, he gives the Morphers to the Rangers except Wolf Ranger. Dr. Munroe's full name is Samson Richard Dave Munroe.

Character History


Dr. Munroe is wise, caring and trustworthy professor who offer the Animal Rangers a job to find the Gems of Wisdom in order to retrieve them all. His advice on matters and giving them his full support but always leaving their way to deal with the situation on their own judgement and trusts that they would make the right decision. He would often chime inside the morphers to inform the Rangers of trouble or when they have unlocked a new power to use. He speaks even more Australian accent most of the time.



He is portrayed by Bede Skinner, the actor of Jarrod and Dai Shi from Power Rangers Jungle Fury.

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