Return of Red Buster
, Episode 1
Air date June 25, 2013
Written by Pikatwig
Directed by Pikatwig
Episode Guide
Dream 2. Power of GoseiPink

Return of Red Buster is the first episode/"dream" of Dreams into Legends.


Some time after the events of Final Mission: Eternal Bonds, where the Go-Busters have moved on with their lives, Hiromu and Nick find a city under attack by several Mechaclones, Barlo Soldiers, Kunekune, Anaroids, Ugatz, Nanashi, Bibi and Buglars. They're lead by a revived Enter.

During Hiromu's battle with Enter, time freezes, allowing DenWhite to contact and talk to Hiromu and Nick, warning them of the situation going on. At the end of the chapter, Hiromu and Nick arrive in the altered reality, to find a member of the Tensou Sentai Goseigers.


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