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Dreams into Legends
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First episode: Dream 1. Return of Red Buster
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Author: Pikatwig
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Dreams into Legends is a Super Sentai story in which Super Sentai warriors from throughout seasons from the show's history team-up.


An evil being named Chronoviln is awaken by a revived Enter who somehow manages to survive his final defeat by the Go-Busters, this foe ends up altering Sentai history.

In the meantime, Hiromu and Nick end up learning about what's going on, and are then alerted by DenWhite who says Hiromu must find other Sentai warriors who still remember the history of the Super Sentai and then stop Enter and the new foe...



Red Buster Hiromu Sakurada
GoseiPink Eri


  • Cheeda Nick
  • DenWhite

Allied Sentai

Red Hawk Ryu Tendoh
BoukenPink Sakura Nishihori
MegaBlue Shun Namiki


  • Chronoviln
  • Enter


Episodes are referred to as "Dreams"

1. Dream 1. Return of Red Buster
2. Dream 2. Power of GoseiPink

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