Striking Back
Power Rangers Corsair Thunder, Episode 2
Air date April 15th, 2016
Written by Zyuoh-Eagle
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Striking Back is the second episode of Power Rangers Corsair Thunder, featuring the first appearance of main character, Jordan Harris. It also introduces Ernie, the owner of the Brainfreeze, which is blown up in this episode.


After the lost of their Super Mega Mode, the Mega Rangers regroup at the Command Center, however Ulysses seeks to take advantage of their downtrodden state by using the Super Megaforce Ranger Keys to lead a team of Ranger Clones.


Andrew Gray as Troy Burrows

Christina Masterson as Emma Goodall

Azim Rizk as Jake Holling

Claire Blackwelder as Kendall Morgan

John Mark Loudermilk as Noah Carver

Joshua McKenzie as Jordan Harris

Eric Anwar as Ulysses

Shailesh Prajapati as Ernie


  • Despite appearing in the opening for Episode One, this is the first appearance of Jordan.