Author's Note

The following is a rewrite of the 2007 game Power Rangers Super Legends. Most fans were pretty much disappointed by it, especially me, because so many great rangers were left out such as Tommy. Since this takes place in 2007 no teams past that will appear as they are not rangers yet. IN other words it will stop at Operation Overdrive so no Jungle Fury, RPM, or Samurai here. Also I never saw RPM and saw very little of Samurai so since I know very little about Samurai' characters besides Bulk and nothing about RPM's it's safe for me to exclude them. Also the characters of Trini Kwan, Ernie, Rito Revolto, Udonna, and unfortunately Zordon out of respect for their deceased actors. However they may be mentioned and homaged and Zordon's role will instead be replaced by the Sentinel Knight and Rito Revolto by Scorpina. This fanfic also ignores the events of Once a Ranger and replaces it in PR continuity. Lastly no Turbo Rangers as they are the Space Rangers in this story. With this stated on to the fanfic.

Chapter 1 Return of the Legends Part 1

Setting: Angel Grove, the year 2007

(In a familiar, lit up room and Tommy is talking to a familiar character)

Tommy: It's finally finished it took a while but we did.

Familiar Character: It took a while to rebuild but now we can focus on saving the world.

Tommy: We better get he others fast. We have no time to rest with the world at stake.

(A familiar beeping is heard and Tommy turns on a screen. Haley shows up on the monitor.)

Haley: I'm getting some strange readings coming from the Hall of Power. Scan of it shows an intruder. Appears someone is trying to destroy it from the inside.

Tommy: It's gotta be him. I've gotta go.

Haley: Be careful.

Tommy: Always am

(Tommy turns off the monitor)


(Teleports to the Hall of POwer. Inside of the Hall of Power he sees Lord Zedd)

Lord Zedd: Long time no see Tommy

Tommy: So you really are back and just as hideous as ever

Lord Zedd: Soon I will become more powerful than ever and there's nothing you or the Power Rangers can do about it.

Tommy: We'll see about that

(He proceeds to attack Lord Zedd but is zapped by Zedd's staff)

Lord Zedd: Fool my staff has the power to knock you out cold as well several abilities you could never imagine. I can bring back any villiain please with it and create anyone or anything with it. I could create an army d you puny rangers would never stand a chance.

Tommy: Evil never wins, the Power Rangers will defeat you in the end.

Lord Zedd: Not this time you no longer have Zordon to help you. Without him you're nothing.

(Tommy black out and wakes up in Zedd's castle. He sees two familiar figures approaching him.

One of two familiar figures: Long time no see Tommy.

(End of Prologue on to main story)

(Meanwhile in Reefside)

(Beep, beep. Conner turns and sees Ethan on the street in his car. He waves and signals him to wait a few minutes and continues to practice on the Reefside High soccer field Krista rolls her eyes.)

Krista: Conner you've been practicing for over an hour if you want to bring the ball with us go ahead. I'm sure Angel Grove has plenty of socer fields to practice on there. Just because Principal Randall let you use the field and opened the school for you and gave you her keys so you cold lock up doesn't mean you should play on it all day.

Conner: I'm done practicing I just need a few minutes to change. Get in the car.

(Krista gets in the back of Ethan's car.Conner heads to the open building and goes in to change in the locker room. He is leaving and is stopped by a blonde woman.)

Blonde woman: You're Conner Mcknight right? And that guy in the car is Ethan James.

Conner: Yeah and you are?

Blonde woman: Ms. Hillard, I'm an old friend of Dr Oliver's. I've heard alot about you as well as Kira Ford and Trent Fernandez. I teach literature here. I was hoping to catch him but he seems to have moved on to working for Anton Mercer as a scientist.

Connor: Yeah we were pretty close with him. He gave us out of school tutoring at his house.

(Ethan honks his horn)

Ethan: C,mon on bro. We're gonna be late. Kira, Trent, Anton Mercer, and Principal Randall should be there by now. I heard from Devon and Kassidy that they're already there. Kira will klll us if we miss her perfom.

Conner: It was nice meeting you but I have to go.

Ms. Hillard. Where you going?

Conner: Angel Grove for Ranger Day

Ms. Hillard: Have fun

(Conner runs to Ethan's car and opens the front door and jumps in fastening his seat belt).

Ethan: Who was that bro? And what did she say to you?

Conner: Ms. Hillard an old friend of Dr. O. She told us she knows all about us.

Ethan: You don't think?

Conner: Beats me but Krista's with us so iksay on the you kknow whatsay.

Krista: What r you talking about?

Conner: Just guy stuff

(They all have a conversation about what they've been up to. Conner is on the Reefside Soccer Team, Ethan is studying technology at Reefside University and interning for Anton Mercer. Krista is going into politics to help save the environment. After a while they arrive in Angel Grove Park where a bunch of people have gathered for Ranger Day. Ethan parks his car and they walk around. Kira runs up to them and hugs them).

Kira: Well you made it

(Trent comes walking up as well followed by Anton Mecer and Principal Randall. They all converse about what they are up to. Kira is studying music and Trent is studying art at Reefside University where thy made arrangements with Ethan to pick up Conner and Krista/.

Conner: Here are your keys.

(He hands her the school keys. Cassidy and Devon walk up. Cassidy pulls out a microphone)

Cassidy: Why did you come here?

Conner: Dr. Oliver lived here when the original Rangers were around and he wanted to come back to celebrate this day and invited us.

Cassidy: Interesting,

Devon: Smile

(Devon puts down his camera and takes a picture of them)

Cassidy: Be nice to catch up but DEvon and I have journalisim to do.

(Cassidy and Devon walk away)

Kira: Speaking of Dr. O where is he?

Trent: Haley didn't tell me much. She left The Cyber Cafe early yesterday and told me to close up once I was done.

(Conner looks back and see Ms. Hillard He whispers to Ethan)

Conner: That lady, Ms. Hillard she's here

Ethan: Maybe Dr. O invited her?

(Mayor comes on)

Kira: I better go

Trent: Same here I have to sit up front with my dad

Ethan: Lets get our spots in the back

(They run and bump into a familar massive, muscular, man working sercurity)

Massive man: Have anything you want to say to me?

(Sknnier man chimes in)

Skinnier man: Yeah do ya?

(Another one equally familar one steps in)

Other one: Both of you idiots get back work

Both of them: SIR YES SIR

(Mayor begins his speech)

Mayor: 14 years ago six brave heroes appeared to save our city from the forces of evil, they saved our city time and time again before disappearing suddenly, however numerous versions of them showed up to save the world from evil over the years but none of them were the orginals, none of them were Angel Grove's own, so now without any further adue I give you a staute of the original Power Rangers.

(He pulls a cover off revealing a statue with colored stone versions of the original red, white, pink, blue, yellow, and black rangers. Fireworks are set off far behind the platform he's on)

Mayor: And now to commemmorate this staute with a song about the rangers Kira Ford

(The audience cheers but then a rip opens in the sky and a familar gold warrior, almost as familiar female warrior, and familar clay and bird soldiers as well as Tyrannodrones come out some of which fly come out)

Conner: It has to be a stunt

(The audience starts to run. The flying Tyrannodrones grab Kira, Trent, Anton Mercer, Principal Randall, Cassidy, Devon, and Krista.

Ethan: You call the audience panicking a stunt? Not to mention seven of our friends were grabbed.

(Haley pulls up)

Haley: Conner, Ethan,

(Conner and Ethan run toward her)

Conner: What's going on?

Ethan: Yeah and where's Dr. O?

Haley: Dr O's missing

Connor: What do you expect us to do about it?

Ethan: Yeah we don't exactly have our powers

(Haley pulls out a box)

Haley: You do now

(Reveals the Dino Gems and their morphers)

Conner: How?

Haley: No time to explain now just go hide to morph

(Conner and Ethan run into a nearby alley)


(They attack the clay figures and the birds and some Tyrannodrones. The gold warrior approaches)

Gold warrior: Power Rangers I see you've come. You'll never win Lord Zedd will be triumphant.

(They go to attack him but are taken down by flying Tyrannodrones. A bunch of humans start to attack the flying Tyrannodrones including a dark haired muscle guy, an African American male, a brunette, a dark haired Korean guy, an African American girl, A Spanish guy, and another African American girl)

Ethan: What the?

Conner: You think I'll know what's going on?

(Haley rushes over to them)

Haley: Get in the car

(They get up and walk over)

Conner: Flying Tyrannodrones now?

Haley: Pyteradactydrones actually pretty much Tyrannodrones with wings

Ethan: Mesagog's handiwork?

Conner: We destroyed him besides that gold guy said something about Lord Zedd whoever that is. Where have I heard that name before?

Haley: Dr O's greatest enemy in his Ranger days. He's back and has Dr O. captured. Dr. O went to investigate an intruder in the Hall of Power. That was the last I heard from him.

Conner: Oh right he talked all about him on that footage of past rangers during the footage of the original team.

Ethan: What's the Hall of Power?

Haley: Where are the rangers powers go when they lose them and the source of all ranger's powers including yours.

Conner: What were those clay things and bird people and what's this Lord Zedd guy up to?

Haley: Don't know.

(Haley parks her car in front of Angel Grove University)

Ethan: What are we doing here?

Haley: This is where it all began

Retrun of the Legends Part 2

Conner: What do you mean?

Haley: Where I first met Dr. O

Ethan: Care to tell us more?

Haley: Since it has to with why we're here and a main part of the fate of the world sure

(Haley enters the building)

Conner: Where we going?

Ethan: Yeah and why are we here?

(Haley enters another room)

Conner: What is this place?

(Haley doesn't respond and opens a glass cabinet. She sets stuff on a table)

Conner: Or don't respond at all?

Ethan: It looks like some sort of storage room for science stuff. Haley looks busy. Ask her later.

(Ethan looks towrds a tv)

Conner: Wanna watch tv?

Ethan: My thoughts exactly

(They turn it on to the news)

Reporter: The Ranger Day celebration was met with an unfortunate interruption today as two villains from Angel Grove's past, the legendary Goldar and Scorpina along with an army of tangas and putties as well as some new things attacked Angel Grove once again. This is a sign that the evil Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa have returned to once again attack Earth . Two red and blue rangers identifited as the Dino Rangers from Reefside attempted to stop them but were taken down by the flying things. A group of individuals then attacked the flying things and were going to attack Goldar and Scorpina Several questions remain including Whhere are angel Grove's Rangers? What are the Dino Rangers connection to them? Why are the Dino Rangers in Angel Grove? And who were the brave individuals that fought the attackers?

( The two security guards Conner and Ethan ran into before come in front of the camera)

Reporter: You two have something to say?

Skinner man: Yeah we do

Reporter: Can you give your names?

Massive man: Bulk

Skinnier man: Skull

Reporter: And what are your thoughts on these events Bulk and Skull?

Bulk and Skull: This is a sign the Power Rangers will return and when they do not only will we be saved but we will finally achieve our goal of finding out who the rangers are

(The man who yelled at them before walks up)

Reporter: What is your name sir?

Man: Lieutenant Jerome Stone

Reporter: any comments Mr. Stone?

Lt. Stone: Just one GET BACK TO WORK NOW

(Conner and Ethan turn it off)

Haley: Found it

Ethan: Found what?

Haley: The Zeojin Doctor O stored here

Conner: The what?

Haley: Zeojin an element found on the Planet Eltar

Ethan: So what does it do?

Haley: It gives people special powers Dr O. used it in his Ranger days when five fragments of it was combined into something called the Zeo crystal. It also gave me the abiliity to give you your powers?

Conner: But I thought the Dino Gems gave us our powers?

Haley: Whn the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs first crashed here the Dino Gems were just ordinary stones

Conner: Woah, woah, why don't you start from the beginning? You did promise us you explain how all this started.

Ethan: Yeah if we're going to be Rangers again we're going to need a HUGE explanation

Haley: That's right I did promise. I'll have to start from the very beginning long before any of you ever came along.

Conner: It's that old?

Haley: It all started the day I met Dr. O. We were both freshman here at this very school.

(Flashes back to Angel Grove fall 1997. Hailey walks into her freshman bilogy class. A muscular man with dark hair, glasses, and a mustache walks in)

Professor: Good morning this is biology and I'm Professor LeBrun. I'm going to take atendance and then talk about what I expect of you as adults out into the world on your own. This is Dr. Mercer he is going to be studying this class and the engineering class.

(He speaks the names of everyone. While he is doing it a boy behind her comments on a book she has.)

Boy: Zeojin? Interesting stuff.

Haley: It's fotr my major, engineering.

Boy: I'm taking engineering as a minor

Hailey: Neat what period?

Boy: Next

Hailey: Cool see you there

Boy: I'm Tommy Oliver and you are?

Hailey: Hailey Zicktor

Professor LeBrun: Ok now time to discuss this class. You are in the real world. No longer are you in high school. You are adults and I expect you to act as such.

(Professor LeBrun carries on until the period ends. The bell rings and everyone piles out except Tommy and Haley and another student)

Tommy: Since we're going to the same period mind if I walk you?

Hailey: Sure.

Tommy: So what are you reading about Zeojin for?

Hailey: I plan on using it to combine it with technolgy as well as special objects

Tommy: What kind of special objects do you mean?

Hailey: Very special. They need to be very unique in order to hold the kind of energy Zeojin holds.

Tommy: Interesting. I'm quite familar with Zeojin mysellf plus I've read plenty on it.

(Hailey smiles)

Hailey: Really?

(Another student overhears them. He interrupts them and joins the conversation)

Student: I know some stuff about it. Everything you said. My name's Terran Smith. You can just call me Smitty.

Tommy: We're roomates right?

Smitty: Yeah we have't met yet though.

(Ethan interrupts)

Ethan: Woah, woah, Zeltrax was there?

Hailey: Yeah long before his accident. When he was just plain Smitty. Him and Dr. O got along pretty well back then. They were pretty close actually before Smitty resented him for his accident and Measgog put him in that cyborg suit and he became Zeltrax.

Conner: Not that this isn't really interesting but what does this have to with us? Or what's happening?

Hailey: Getting to that.

(Later that night in Tommy and Smitty's dorm a knock is heard on the door. Smitty opens it. Hailey is in the doorway. Smitty smiles.)

Hailey: Thought I'd come and study with you.

Smitty: Fine with me, fine with you?

Tommy: I don't see why not.

(After about half an hour another knock is heard. This time it's Anton Mercer)

Tommy: What do you want?

Anton: I overheard your conversation in the hallway about Zeojin. My company is dong research on the meteor that killed the dinosaurs. It can be combined with Zeojin but knowing so little about it we can't do the project. Considering you three know so very much about Zeojin how would you like to be apart of the internship program? We even have a project for bio-zords for you Haley. So what do you say?

Tommy: I'll do this but only because I know just what I'm getting into

Hailey: I guess I'm in. What about you Smitty?

Smitty: I'm not sure

Tommy: It's the experience of a lifetime. I promise I'll be behind you every step of the way.

Smitty: I guess I'll do it

Anton: Are you sure? I don't want you doing this just because they are.

Smitty: Yeah I'm sure.

Anton: Ok then you'll start next week

(Anton leaves)

Hailey: Ok where are we going to find any?

Tommy: I know a place. You can come along if you want but be sure to pick up anything you can find that's valuable.

(Tommy, Smitty, and Haley hike to the site of the destroyed Command Center)

Smitty: Here are you sure?

Tommy: The Power Rangers used it to battle the Machine Empire. It was made into this object called the Zeo Crystal.

Hailey: I thought the Zeo Crystal was a myth.

Tommy: No it exists. Remember f you find anything valuable and intact pick it up

Hailey: Even so it should have been destoyed when Divatox blew up the base

Tommy: No the Zeo Crystal is really strong it can survive explosions.

Smitty: The place should be in pieces though

Tommy: Divatox damaged it pretty bad but not enough to permanently destroy the base.

(Tommy leads the way into the destroyed chamber)

Smitty: Sure this is safe

Tommy: I know what I'm doing

(He spots his old crystal and grabs it)

Tommy: Ok I found one piece now let's find the other 4

(Haley picks up a disk and puts in her pocket. Smitty finds two more)

Smitty: I found some.

(A while later Hailey picks up the last two and they leave. They give all five pieces to Anton Mercer the next day. at school. Later Haley knocks on Tommy's door about the disk. Tommy lets her in).

Haley: Hello Tommy, or do you prefer the green, white, or red ranger?

Tommy: How?

Haley: This disk she replies holding it up. Everything makes sense as to how you knew everything.

Tommy: Ok you got me but that's all behind me

(Haley turns some pictures on his desk)

Haley: Your old team mates. They must have met a lot to you.

Tommy: Yeah they did

Haley: Its ok I won't tell anyone not even Smitty but from now on we're in this together.

(Story ends)

Ethan: That's it?

Haley: Well as I said before the Zeo Crystal was used to give the Dino Gems their powers. Of course that was late after we graduated and Anton Mercer gave us full time jobs with him. Together we made the Bio-Zords. Unfortunately some experiments that Smitty and Mercer were working on went wrong and you all know what happened then. Smitty who had some feelings for me went nuts and became determined to destroy Dr. o once and for all. He came to me for help and I told him I couldn't do anything. He went to Anton Mercer only to find Mesagog who as I mentioned before put him in that suit.

Conner: And Zeltrax was born.

Haley: He came back while I was elsewhere, went through my room for payback and found the disk and stole it. Fortunately I had saved the info I had and me and Dr. O mointored the other teams and gathered info from them.

Ethan: So is that how he got the info for his video?

Haley: Yep but now that storytime is over let's get this Zeojin to the base.

Ethan: Base?

Haley: Whoever Dr. O was working wih sent me these coordinates.

(She shows them a piece of paper. They walk out of the room. They go outside when a portal opens and Goldar, Scorpina and a whole bunch of tangas and putties appear)

Goldar: Hand over the Zeojin now rangers

Ethan: Uh oh.

Conner: Get out of here we'll take care of these guys. We'll signal you when were done.

(Haley gets in her car and drives off )


Scorpina: I see they wanna do things the hard way

(The putties and tangas attack but Conner and Ethan take them out quickly)

Conner: I'll take the Goldar guy, you take that Scorpina chick.

(Ethan runs over to Scorpina, while Conner goes to Goldar)

Conner: So you're the infamous Goldar huh?

Goldar: You've heard of me huh?

Conner: Sort of but enough chat I'm taking you down

Goldar: Try me ranger

(Goldar and Scorpina quickly knock Conner and Ethan down fast)

Scorpina: You're nothing. You're amateurs. You don't what you're getting into?

Conner: Oh yeah we'll just see about that

Ethan: What's the plan?

Conner: Can't go Triassic without Kira, I'm thinking Super Dino Mode.

Ethan: Good idea

Conner and Ethan: SUPER DINO MODE

(Goldar runs to attack Conner but Conner ducks and grabs his sword and picks him up then then tosses him with all his strength at Scorpina. He lands on her and they gett up and they're both limping.)

Scorpina: You win for now but Lord Zedd will win in the end.

(Scorpina and Goldar retreat thrugh a portal. Haley pulls up and they get in. They drive for a bit till they reah the spot which is a hilly, sandy, place with a building in the middle.)

Haley: This seems so familar

(They go inside)

Ethan: Wow talk about high-tech

Conner: Yeah ths place is amazing. Dr. O and whoever he built this with did a great job.

(Ethan goes to look at the controls a voice calls out from the darkness)

Voice: Aye-yi-yi-yi we have intruders don't touch anything. Rangers of AQuatar stop them we caan't let them destroy the New Command Center.

Return of the Legends Part 3

Ethan: Who are you guys? I'm Ethan and this is Conner and Haley We're here looking for Dr. O.

Delphine: We are the rangers of Aquatar I'm Delphine and that is Aurico, Tideus. Corcus, and Sestro. THe robot is Alpha 5

Aurico: Dr. O?

Haley: Tommy

Delphine: How do we know you won't hurt him?

Conner: If you think e're working for that Lord Zedd guy you got it all wrong

Tideus: Prove it

Ethan: You mean prove who we are?

Corcus: Yes prove your allegiance to us

Conner: How are we supposed to do that?

Cestro: You find a way

Aplha 5: They're stalling take them down now and ask questions later

(Both Conner, Ethan, and the Aquatar Rangers go for their moprhers but a voice interrupts them)

Voice: Stop it we don't have tme for this. We have to rescue Tommy

(A blonde woman steps out from behind Conner, Ethan, and Haley)

Conner: Ms. Hillard?

Alpha: Kat?

Conner: Kat?

Ms Hillard: My name is Kat Hillard and like Tommy I was a ranger at one point too.

Ethan: Another legendary ranger?

Kat: I guess you could say that. I fought alongside Tommy along with the others until we went our seperate ways. I moved back to Austrailia to become a teacher but returned to Angel Grove last year where I learned of Tommy's work. I wanted to catch up with him so I moved to Redfside but by then he had left to build this place.

Conner: So you followed us?

Kat: You were my only link to Tommy and after everything that happened today knew you were my key to finding him as well as part of the key to stopping Rita and Zedd so I followed you here to plan exactly how to rescue him

Ethan: Ok but how are we going to find Dr. O?

Haley: I put a tracking device in his morpher but I haven't able to locate it. Where ever he is it's jamming the signal. We need someone who can get a stronger reading on him.

(A man with brown hair steps out of the shadows)

Man: I can help you there

Alpha 5: There you are Billy come meet our guests

Billy: Sorry Alpha I was checking all the equipment.

Delphine: Billy was originally from Earth until he grew old from a side effect from a youth regenerator. He then came to live with us on Aquatar so we could help him get back to normal. Even after we finished he chose to live with us so he could be withour fellow Aquitian Sestria.

Kat: How is Sestria by the way?

(Billy doesn't respond but has a solemn look on his face and puts his dead down)

Aurico: Sestria was killed during a recent attack by Lord Zedd. We fled to Earth after the Hydro Hog wiped out our planet's water supply. Sestria sacrificed herself so her fellow Aqitians could escape.

Conner: Hydro Hog?

Tideus: Our greatest enemy he absorbs water, the more he absorbs the more powerul he becomes

(Ethan approches Billy)

Ethan: I'm Ethan James

Billy: I know who you are Tommy us all about you

Conner: So is there like some sort of gossip about us between legendary rangers and they're assosciates

Billy: Actually since Tommy has data on all the ranger teams we put that information in our computers

Haley: So how can you find Tommy?

Billy: We put a stronger tracking device inside his morpher. I should be able to pinpoint its location from anywhere as long as he is in range.

(Billy walks over to a device)

Billy: This device should tell us where Tommy is. It seems to have died though. A quick recharge should do the trick.

Haley: How long will it take?

Billy: A few hours

Haley: We don't have that kind of time

Billy: IT's as fast as it can go

Haley: I can recharge it in five minutes

(Billy and Haley walk to another secion of the New Command Center. THey have a coversation along the way)

Haley: Sorry to hear about Sestria. She must have meant a lot to you

(Billy doesn't respond)

Haley: Watch this

(She opens up the charger and sees the insides)

Haley: On second thought never mind

Billy: This stuff is pretty high tech. I can explain it to you

(He talks her through it and she finishes. A few minutes later they are back in the main chamber)

Billy: Now let's just zero in on the signal

(Tommy shows up on the viewing globe)

Ethan: Wher is he?

Alpha 5: It looks like he is being held in Goldar's Dark Dimension

Conner: If it's just that Goldar guy and his goon squad me and Ethan can take him

Billy: There's someone else there, a girl.

Haley: That's Kira

Ethan: Perfect once we rescue them fighting these bad guys will be easier

Alpha 5: Don't get ovrconfident for all we know this could be a trap

Haley: We have to find a ay to get them there

Ethan: Yeah it's not an invisportal will just apear here

Billy: I have to alter their morphers

(Conner and Ethan hand them to their morphers. Meanwhile in Goldar's Dark Dimension)

Kira: Dr. O? Where are we?

Tommy: It's called Goldar's Dark Dimension. I used to come here and fight this warrior named Goldar here in my ranger days

Kira: Where is he?

Tommy: Don't know but if I know Haley she should have Conner and Ethan on their way to rescue us.

(A familar voice interrupts them)

Voice: They'll be here and when they do I'll destroy them once and for all right in front of you. In the meantime I'll keep you company

(Back at the command center)

Haley: The morphers are fixed. You guys ready?


(Billy teleports them)

Conner: Which way?

Ethan: Beats me

(A bunch of putties, tangas, tyrannodrones, and pyteractodrones show up)

Conner: I say take these guys down and the path they're blocking will lead us to them

Ethan: Sounds good to me

(They take them down then start walking through a tunnel. The voice stop them.)

Voice: We meet again at last now I will destroy you once and for all

Return of the Legends Part 4

(A figure walks in front of them carrying a sword)


Ethan: So you're working for this Lord Zedd guy now?

Zeltrax: We have a common enemy Dr. Tommy Oliver though he left me the pleasure of destroying him

Ethan: We stopped you before and we'll stop you again

Zeltrax: I assure you won't win this time

Conner: Let Kira and Dr. O go this is between you and us

Zeltrax: I have a better soutiion

(Teleports them to a room filled with fog)

Ethan: Where are we?

Conner; This is where their holding Kira and Dr. O

Ethan: Yeah you right

(They call their names. They are revealed by the fog)

Kira: Conner, Ethan?

Ethan: You were expecting somebody else?

Kira: How?

Conner: No time to explain

Tommy: Looks like Haley gave you back your powers so you can rescue us. She always fnds a way.

Conner; Let me get you two out of here. We'll take care of Zeltrax

(They wlk futrher toward them but Zeltrax steps in front)

Zeltrax: I'm going to annihilate the two of you right in front of Dr. Oliver. THat way he can suffer the way I have Then I'll destroy the yellow ranger and Dr. Oliver himself.

Conner: Not on our watch

Conner and Ethan: SUPER DINO MODE

(Zeltrax powers up to his upgraded form)

Zeltrax: You honestly think you can defeat me? Without the powers of the yellow ranger you're nothing

Conner: We'll see about that

(Conner whispers his plan to Ethan. Conner and Ethan run on both sides of Zeltrax and jump in the air and attack him sending him flying backwards konocking him to the ground, Zeltrax gets up but Conner uses his superspped to take him down harder)

Conner: Nothing huh?

Zeltrax: Impressive but you can't possibly do much more damage without the Triassic Power.

9he starts walking toward the rangers)

Conner: He's right. THat attack took all the power I had from me.

Ethan: Any ideas Dr. O?

Tommy: Just one.

Conner: Now would be a good time to fill us in

Ethan: (being saracatic) Oh yeah time out Xeltrax we have to discuss our plan to beat you

(Zeltrax approaches Conner and Ethan and blasts them)

Zeltrax: I'm getting tired of this. Time to destroy you and for all

Tommy: Aren't you forgetting something Zeltrax?

Zeltrax: What's that?

Tommy: That the Triassc Power requires the energy of two rangers and I still hve my powers.

(He gives his pwers to Conner)

Tommy: Your turn Ethan

(Ethan gives Conner his power. Coner turns into the Triassic Ranger)

Conner: Now where we?

(Zeltrax tries to attack Conner with a blast but Conner dodges and blasts him with the Triassic cannons. Zeltrax starts limping)

Zeltrax: This isn't over

(He goes through a portal and disappears. Conner and Ethan free Kira and Dr. O and teleport back to the Command Center)

Kira: Ok can someone fill me in? I take it we're back in business.

Tommy: We are but not just us.

Kira: What does that mean?

Tommy: That there is way more than this than just us. Right now our main priorty is rescuing Trent, Anton, Randall, and Krista, and Angela.

Ethan: It's not like they're just going to fall out of the sky and land in front of us?

Conner: Dude we're not amateurs anymore. You have to stop that.

Kira: Yeah and something tells me this isn't going to work this time

Tommy: They're right. You have to be serious. Lord Zedd is much more dangerous than Mesagog.

Kira: He's that bad.

Tommy: Yeah.

Kira: Who is he?

Tommy: I'll explain later.

(Meanwhile at Lord Zedd's palace)

Lord Zedd: You incompetent imbecile. You practically let them walk out here with Tommy and that brat

Rita: You're no better than the rest of the ired help around here

Zeltrax: I assure you this is only a temporary settback. Once Goldar and Scorpina come back with the Zeojin I can use a portion of it to destroy them all.

(Goldar enters)

Goldar: We have it my lord

Zedd: Excellent

Zeltrax: If you let me have a small portion of that I'll destroy the rangers once and for all

Zedd: Very well but this is your last chance

(Finster enters)

Finster: I completed my experiments on Mercer and Randall

Zedd: Excellent

(Two shapes enter)

Shape 1: It never felt so good to be alive

Shape 2: It feels great to be back

Zeltrax: Excellent Ihave to go to the island there'a bunker under the labaratoty that was kept in tact. There's useful stuff there that will be helpful in takng over the world.

(Zeltrax goes through a portal and disappears)

Lord Zedd: Time to disopse of the useless humans

Shape 1: They aren't useless. We need them as bait for the rangers.

(Back at the Command Center)

Billy: I got a fix on them

Haley: You won't believe where they are

Kira: Isn't that?

Conner: Mesagog's island fortress

Ethan: Or what's left of it

Tommy: You all ready?

Kira: I'm more ready than ever.

(Haley hands Kira the morpher case)

Kira: Feels good to have this on again

Conner, Ethan, Kira, and Tommy: DINO THUNDER POWER UP HA

(Teleport to the fortress. They are greeted by Tyrannodrones, Pytreractodrones, Putties, and Tangas. THey defeat them then head to Trent and the others. The two shapes step in front of them)

Shape 1: Greetings Rangers

Conner: WOAH

Ethan: NO WAY


Return of the Legends Part 5

(Note the chracter of Angela who appeared in the finale of Dino Thunder as Ethan's prom date was added to the first part. She is briefly mentined here)

Ethan: M, M, M,

Conner: Mesagog

Kira: And Elsa

Conner: But we destroyed you

Tommy: One thing about villains they always come back for more

Mesagog: Lord Zedd used both Mercer and Randall's's body to recreate me as well as Elsa and with the addition of the Zeojin he gave me I'm more powerful than ever and I can finally destroy you pesky rangers.

(Mesagog speeds past them in a blur taking out Conner, Ethan, and Kira, but Tommy who saw concenetrated on his movements takes him out)

Tommy: You guys ok

Conner: Yeah

Ethan: Just got the wind knocked out of us

Kira: I'll take Elsa you handle Mesagog

Conner: I say it's Triassic time

Tommy: Good call

(Ethan and Kira give him their powers)

Ethan: I say we go Super Dino Mode

Ethan, Kira, and Tommy: SUPER DINO MODE

(Mesagog starts to attack them by coming at them in a blur but Tommy sees him coming)

Tommy: Conner now

(Conner blasts Mesagog with his cannons he gets from the Triassic powers sending Mesagog to the ground)

Mesagog: Perhaps my powers need a bit of an improvement

(Mesagog retreats followed by Elsa. Conner, Ethan, Kira, and Tommy free Trent, Anton, and Randall. They retreat back to base)

Conner: Wait a minute if Zeltrax had Kira and Dr. O captive and Mesagog and Elsa had Trent, Anton, and Randall capive then where is Krista?

Ethan: Yeah and where's Angela?

Tommy: Lord Zedd probably still has them. He probably plans to use them as hostages as well. But now that we have the whole team together I can finally explain what's going on and we can finally make a plan.

(Meanwhile back at Zedd's castle)

Zeltrax: I have the stuff from the underground bunker

(Shows a familar object then reveals five giant ones)

Mesagog: Excellent I guess you're not so useless after all. With these six things I can finally begin my plan and get my portion of Earth back to the age of dinosaurs as well as get my revenge on the rangers.

Zeltrax: And with the Zeojin I found there we can easily upgardeourselves since I gave Lord Zedd his portion already

(Lord Zedd enters along with Goldar and Scorpina)

Lord Zedd: Indeed and with that object Tommy will face a blast from his past that will destroy him once and for all.

Mesagog: Indeed once we unleash these Angel Grove is history

Lord Zedd: Goldar, Scorpina we have a job for you

(Back at the New Command Center)

Tommy: I might as well start at the beginning. Haley and I were working in my lab when we detected 2 rips in time both of which were apart from each other. I went to investigate and found Alpha.

Alpha 5: I traveled here from a dystopian future ruled by Lord Zedd to prevent it from happening. My time's Lord Zedd found out and told this time's who had reformed due to Zordon's energy wave. He used his staff to turn him as well as Rita evil again. He revived Goldar and Scorpina as well.

Kira: What about our future selves? And the other future rangers? Surely they can help.

Alpha 5: The members of the resistance led by the original Red Ranger Jason Lee Scott were either captured or killed following an assault on his palace and some former rangers from space or other planets were captured or killed as well. I recruited a team of si to recue them and destroy Lord Zedd consisting of Tommy, Kat, s well as three other former rangers, Aisha(Yellow) Leo(Red) and Zhane(Silver). I then gave them the way to defeat Zedd in our time and traveled to stop him from ever conquering the world. If we don't stop him this timeline and mine are doomed.

Tommy: Alpha and I came to Angel Grove the original Command Center using technology from the future to fight Lord Zedd. Billy and the Alien Rangers showed up shortly after seeking help with the Hydro-Hog when t destroyed their planet.

Haley: Tommy told me he finished it and then disappeared after going to investigate a disturbance i the Hall of Power so I reprogrammed your powers with spare Zeojin and went to find and soon as I could.

Ethan: What does Lord Zedd want with the stuff?

Aplha 5: In my time he uses it to power his personal zord Serpenterra and attacks Angel Grove. A lot of former rangers are attempting to fight his army without their powers

Tommy: I wasn't planning on getting you involved in this but Haley made a smart move. WE'll need the help of every ranger in existence to stop Lord Zedd and his army. This could get dangerous especially since Mesagog, Zeltrax, and Elsa are back and teamed up with Lord Zedd now. Are you all ready to take that risk?

Conner: I'm in

Ethan: Me too

Kira: If they are I am too

Tommy; What about you Trent?

(Trent walks over to Haley who gives him the case with his morpher, he takees it out and puts it on)

Trent: I'm willing to help you every step of the way

Tommy: Good now we can bring in the others

(Elsewhere at the Ernie's Juice Bar. The guys who fought off the putties, tangas, and tyrannodronnes, and pyteradactodronnes walk in)

Muscular guy: It's been a while since we last saw this place

Brunette Girl: Yeah it looks like nothing changed

African American Guy: Back when being a ranger was simple in he good old days.

(They are teleported away)

Conner: These are the people who fought off the army in the park

Ethan: How can individual people help us

Kira: Yeah if we're going to stop him we'll need all the rangers we can get right?

(Kat walks foward and stands among the teleported humans)

Kat: Exactly why not start with us?

Ethan: Us?

Tommy: I'd like you to meet the original Power Rangers


Return of the Legends Part 6

Ethan: The original rangers? Seriously?

Tommy: Yes but we have the introductions short there's two timelines we have to save

Jason: I'm Jason, this is Zack, Kimberly, Rocky, Aisha, Adam, and Tanya

Conner: So all of you are original rangers

Jason: I'm the original red ranger but after I left Tommy ook over as leader and Rocky became the red ranger, Kimberly was the original pink and Zack the original black before he was eplaced by Adam. Aisha took over from Trini. Trini sacrificed herself to save Zack

Zack: We bonded a lot more while working for the peace cor after Json left to return to Angel Grove. WE were at a pizza joint when we were attacked. Me, Trini, and this RJ guy helped fight the attackers but Trini sacrificed hersel to stop them by using the rest of her power.

Kira: Wait a minute if you're both here then does that mean two red rangeers are helping us?

Tommy: Rocky is going to sit on the sidelines while Jason regains his powers

Trent: Then what about the others?

Tommy: Will need their help later?

Conner: Each of them had different forms at some point so I'm guessing they'll help us in some of their other forms later?

Tommy: Corect we need all the help we can get to stop Lord Zedd once and for all

(Meanwhile in Lord Zedd's palace)

Mesagog: The time has come to launch our attack on Angel Grove. The foolish citizens will kneel before me once I level their pathetic city. Elsa activate the bio-zords

Elsa: Yes my lord

Mesagog: Goldar you attack one section of the city while Scorpina attacks the other. Zeltrax I trust you have the hostages ready?

Zeltrax: Yes once Dr. Oliver and his students see them they'll take the bait and right in my trap bringing their demise.

Mesagog: Excellent

(Back at the Command Center the alram goes off)

Billy: We just finished adjusting the morphers

Haley: They're good as new you should be able to use your original powers to battle Lord Zedd

Tommy: Alpha turn on the viewing globe

(Viewing globe turns on)

Zack: There' Goldar's ugly mug. Feels like the good old days fighting him again

Kimberly: And there's Scorpina there's a face I'd hoping he'd never see

Zack: Who's the cyborg dude?

Tommy: Zeltrax

Trent: Look who he has with him

Conner: Krista

Ethan: Angela

KIra: And Cassidy and Devon

Tommy: Jason, Zack, Billy you take care of Goldar, Kimberly, Aisha, and Kira you handle Scorpina, Conner, Ethan, and Trent we're going after Zeltrax.

Billy: Guys I'm retired from being a ranger. I'm just here to help the team

Rocky: No problem I'll go

Tommy: Ok that's fine Haley needs help making the weapons to fight LOrd Zedd as well as rbuilding the Dinozords

Ethan: Spaking of Dino Zords what are those?

(Points to the viewing globe)

Tommy: Those are the lost bio-zords, Anton Mercer and I built them but never used them after he became Mesagog they disappeared

Conner: And now he's turnd them lose on the city

Haley: Unfortunately yes, There's the Spinozord bsed on the Spinoaurus, Dilophozord based on the Dilophosaurus, Deinichiord based on Deinochyus, Iguanazord based on Iquanadon, and the Archaeoptozord based on Archaeoptoryx.

Tommy: Looks like Goldar has three with him, and Scorpina has the other two. We need to bring them our side to help fight Lord Zedd. Use your coins to do so.

Trent: We sacrificed our zords how will they help?

Haley: Billy and I are working on rebuilding your bio-zords. They should be ready soon.

Tommy: You guys ready?

Conner, Ethan, Kira, and Trent: DINO THUNDER POWER UP HA

Kira: Wait why didn' t you morph Dr. O?

Tommy: Oh I will. You ready buddy?








(Jason, Rocky, and Zack arrive in front of Goldar)

Goldar: Well we meet again at last rangers

Jason: That's right Goldar

Goldar: WEll yiu can't stop our zords

Rocky: We'll see about that

(They take down some putties and tanga as well some Tyrannodrones and Pyteractodrones. Then use their coins to bring the zords to their side.)

Goldar: Lord Zedd won't like this

(Goldar flees. Meanwhile Kimberly, Aisha, and KIra show up to fight Scorpina)

Kimberly: So whhere did you go? Filling in for the Wicked Witch?

(Scorpina dosn't reply but an army of putties and tanga as well some Tyrannodrones and Pyteractodrones attacks.

Kira: I'll take her myself. SUPER DINO MODE

(Kira flys up and takes Scorpina down with her daggers. Scorpina gets up and tries to punch KIra but Kira ducks and flips Scorpina to the ground)

Kira: Give up yet?

(Kimberly and Aisha have defeated the army)

Kira: Now use your coins to stop the zords.

(They turn the zords onto their side and Scorpina flees. Meanwhile Conner, Ethan, Tommy, and Trent have showed up to fight Zeltrax y the lake)

Tommy: Let them go Smitty. This is between you and us.

Zeltrax: There is no more Smitty there is only Zeltrax. The man known as Terrance Smith was murdered by you and for that you and your students will pay.

(Tommy and Zeltrax engage in a one on one duel while Conner, Ethan, and Trent fight an army of Triptoids and Tyrannodrones Tommy and Zeltrax lock their zords).

Tommy; Give up now Smitty before we're forced to do something we'll regret

Zeltrax: You fool there is only Zeltrax

(Tommy and Zeltrax unlock their zords and Tommy kicks Zeltrax away)

Zeltrax: I have something of yours?

Tommy: And what would be that be?

(Zeltrax pulls puts out a small, familar, dagger)

Tommy: No

(Zeltrax blows into it and a shape foams out of the water as a huge shadow looms above them while they stare up in amazement)

Return of the Legends Part 7

(Tommy talks into his communicator)

Tommy: We need backup asap

Haley: Billy and I finished rebuiliding the bio-zords. The Brachiozord 2.0 should be there shortly with them.

(The Brachiozord 2.0 shows up behind them. The rebuilt bio-zords charge out and form the Megazord).

Conner: Long time no see. Time to get back to action

Tommy: Not quite. We'll take care of Zeltrax while the Megazord fights automatically.

Ethan: But are the bio-zords enough to stop this thing?

Tommy: Alone the bio-zords couldn't take on the Dragonzord themselves which is why I'm gonna call for backup.

(Tommy changes from his green suit with a gold chest plate to a white one with black and gold lning. Shortly after a giant robotic tiger comes charging into battle and switches into Zord mode)

Trent: How'd you do that?

Tommy: Haley and Billy programed my coin soI could have both my old powers as well as rebuilt my old Tigerzord. Those aren't enough to fight it though.

(Tommy talks into his communicator again)

Tommy: Jason, Kimberly once you take care of Goldar and Scorpina and get the bio-zords under control we need your help here.

Jason: On our way

Kimberly: Be right there

(They teleport to the battle. Both teams arrive at once)

Jason: Is that the Dragonzord?

Tommy: We need the bio-zords to stop it


(The lost bio-zords charge through the streets and combine with the Megazord)

Ethan: Suite new zords

Tommy: We can enjoy them later right now we have a battle to fight

(Zeltrax blows into the Dragonzord. It rips the attenae off a building and begins to eat it The Megazord and Brachiozord fire at it hitting it. The Dragonzord walks up turns around and turns its tail into a drill but the Megazrd uses the ability of the Spinozord and Dimetrozord to counter it with their own drills. The Dragonzord's drill is stpped by theirs and the Tigerzord picks it up by the tail, whirls it around, and throws it into the air making it hit the ground with a big thud)

Kira: Awesome

Zeltrax: Don't count the Dragonzord out yet. Mesagog made some improvements.

(Zeltrax blows into the dagger again. The Dragonzrd gets up then bends over it sprouts two additional legs then some wings)

Zack: Last time I checked the Dragonzord couldn't do that

Zeltrax: It's called flight mode. Now that it's in it I no longer need the dagger.

(Zeltrax throws it aside)

Tommy: We have to get the dagger to get the Dragonzord under our control again but for know we'lll fight in with some flight mode of our own.

(The Brachiozord leaves the battle no longer needed as the Megazor takes flight due to being combined with the Pyteradactozord and Archaeoptozord).

Conner: What aout the Tigerzord?


(A mechanical bird like zord appears from the sky and combines with the Tigerzord then they fly into the sky for an aerial battle)

Ethan: Woah

Zeltrax: While the zords battle each other let's finish this once and for all Dr. Tommy Oliver.

(Zeltrax upgrades to a new form far more powerful than it's own. He know has silver plating along with some red and gold added on)

Zeltrax: The Dragozord isn't the only one with improvements. The Zeojin I obtained made me more powerful than ever.

(The rangers attack him with their weapons but no damage is done)


(He morphs into his most powerful form)


(Zeltrax just stands there)

Zeltrax: You really think your pitiul form can beat my upgraded one. Give up now and you'll be destroyed quickly and painlessly.

(Zeltrax begins to walk foward)

Tommy: We have to end this fast

(He whispers a plan to the rangers)

(Conner gets his cannons ready, Ethan, Kira, and Trent make the Z-rex blaster, while the rest make the POwer Blaster)


(He fires his cannons while rest of theam fire the Z-rex blaster and Power Blaster hitting Zeltrax with a hard force that results in a huge explosion)

Conner: Is that it?

(A figure appears in the smoke)

Ethan: No

Zeltrax: You really think I can be destroyed so easily? Pathetic. Allow me to demonstrate the full extent of my power

(He extends his arm, hlods his hand out and blasts a building killing everyone inside)

Tommy: Those were innconent people Smitty

Zeltrax: What do you know of innocence Tommy Oliver? Terrance Smith was innocent and you murdered him and for that you will pay.

(Zeltrax lauchees a huge blast knocking all the rangers down. He walks over to the fallen Tommy who is in frot of everyone else.)

Zeltrax: I've waited a long time or this. Now that I finally have you right where I want you I'm going to make you suffer the way Terrence Smith did. And what better way to do that then to take the lives of those most preciou to you starting with your students. I think I'll start with the that gave me the most trouble in the past.

(He walks over to Conner and picks him up by the head)

Zeltrax: Farewell Red Dino Ranger

(He prepares to blast him)


Return of the Legends Part 8

(Tommy gets up and puts max power into his sword and strikes Zeltrax with it. Zeltrax drops Conner.)

Zeltrax: If you're so eager to die then so be it.

(He proceeds to attack Tommy but Ethan, Kira, and Trent attack him with their weapons powered up)

Zeltrax: Do you really think this will work on me? The last battle we had was a carbon copy of me? YOu really think you destroyed me that easily?

Ethan: It doesn't have to work. No one threatens my friends and gets away with it.

Zeltrax: Touching. If you care about them so much I can destroy you all at once so you won't have to watch them suffer.

(Conner gets up)

Conner: You'll never destroy us not now not ever

(He strkes Zeltrax ith his Tyranno-staff. The other ranger get up and attack him with theier weapons)

Zeltrax: Your toys don't even tickle. Enough games.

(Zeltrax uses his power to grow 30 feet and changes into an octopus like monster)

Kimberly: That's so hideous

Kira: I agree but once we stop him we stop him we won't have to see his ugly mug anymore.

(Tommy walks over to the Dragon Dagger and blows into it. It lainches a fire attack on Zeltrax)

Ethan: So that thing's on our side now?

Conner: Judging by what it just did to Zeltrax I'd say yeah.

(They get into the Megazord)

Zeltrax: You have choice Rangers

(He uses one side of his tentacles to pick up Krista, Angela, Devon, and Cassidy and another to pick up a bus full of school children.

Zeltrax: The choice is yours. Save your friends or let the children die.

Tommy: Put them down Smitty. This is between you and me.

Zeltrax: Wrong answer but if you insist.

(He throws them towards the ground. The Dragonzord catches the bus with its back and the others with its free front legs. Zeltrax balasts it in retaliation taking it out).

Tommy: I hate to do this but you leave me no choice. I wish it didn't have to be this way but you're out of control. You have no regard for any life whatsoever not even children. Goodbye Smitty.

(Tommy blows into the Dragon Dagger. It reactivates and clamps all full four of its legs around Zeltrax's stomach)

Tommy: Farewell old friend your sacrifice won't be in vain. I promise.

(The Dragonzord explodes taking Zeltrax with it. The rangers leave and return to base along witth Krista, Angela, Devon, and Cassidy. Meanwhile at Lord Zedd's palace)

Mesagog: I should have known that imbecile Zeltrax would fail us.

Elsa: At least he's gone for good.

Lord Zedd: No matter when the rangers ee what I have planned they will fail.

Mesagog: Not to mention what I have plannned for the city of Reefside

(Back at base Tommy walks in with a serious look on his face. He walks up to Haley)

Tommy: I'm sorry. I wish I wasn't forced to destroy him like that.

Haley: It's ok. What happened to him wasn't your fault it was Mesagog's. Terrance Smith our friend was murdered the second Zeltrax was born.

Tommy: I need some time to think.

Kat: I'll come with you.

Jason: I'm here for you man

Kimberly: You'll always be like a brother to me. I'll come too

(He leaves Kat follows him along with Jason and Kimberly. Krista turns to Conner)

Krista: A few things first off thanks for saving me from Zeltrax again but what brings you here? More importantly who are you?

Angela: Yeah who are you guys?

Cassidy: I can tell if you agree to an interview

Devon: Cass no

Conner: It's ok

Ethan: Are you sure about this bro?

Conner: Yeah

(Him and Ethan take off their helmets. Krista and Anglea faint after seeing them)

Conner: I guess that was a bit of a surprise.

Ethan: You think?

Kira: So what now?

Mysterious voice: Now we must find and help the rest of the rangers.


Zeo Rangers in Space Part 1

(Somewhere in space)

Prince Gasket: Le's get this Zeojin into he ship. We'll need it to powr our weapon and destroy Lord Zedd once and for all. Zeltrax was an excellent general and an even better spy. e gave this location befoe Zedd even found out.

(A figure knocks Gasket to the ground)

Figure: It's over Gasket

Gasket: That's what you think Gold Ranger

(A bunch of cogs as well as quantrons attack)

Gold Ranger: It's no use trying to fight Gasket

(The cogs are taken out ny an invisible force)

Gasket: The Phantom Ranger so what?

(Another blast from a gun comes from the shadows)

Gasket: Ah the Blue Senturion I see no matter you are no mtach for my bigger army. Ever since my father was destroyed I have been expanding the Machine Empire. I acquired Quantrons shortly after Astronema reformed. Allow me to introduce my new army.

(Bigger, muscular cogs are seem who blast the Gold Ranger as well as the Phantom Ranger and the Blue Senturion. Trey gets up limping and heads back to Pyramidus setting the coordinates for Earth)

Archerina: Where did he go?

Gasket: To find assisstance most likely. No matter I will all the rangers oon enough.

(Elsewhere onthe Delta Megaship Karoven the infant son of Andros and Ashley named from Andros's home planet KO35/Karoven Oupost 35 sleeps in his crib. Andros and Ashley turn on the monitor in the control room to answer a call from Zhane)

Andros: What's up Zhane?

Zhane: Melody(The infant daughter of him and Karone) was taken and Karine is missing as well

Ashley: Oh my gosh Karoven

(as she speaks a dark figure approaches Karoven laughing. Karoven cries as the figure approaches but his cries aren't heard. The figure reaches over the crib and grans him. By the time Andros and Ashley arrive it's too late. Meanwhile in Angel Grove Tommy, Kat, Jason, and Kimberly walk in to the Juice Bar)

Kat: Last time we were here was shortly after we gave our powers up

(Tommy doesn't respond. They walk over to the counter. A young skinny man walks up to them)

Skinny Man: Can I get you anything?

Kimberly: Four milkshakes please. Oh by the way is Ernie in?

Skinny Man: If you take a plane to South America. He loved it so much he decided to stay. You look familar. Have you been here before?

Jason: Years ago

Skinny Man: What are your names?

Kimberly: I'm Kim

Jason: Jason

Kat: I'm Kat and this is Tommy

Skinny Man: No wonder, I'm Bert but Ernie was my father he kept pictures of you from when he was running the place. When he retired I put them in storage. Hold on one sec.

(He comes back a minute later with a box full of photos. They go through it reminiscing)

Bert: Here's your shakes.

Kim: Thanks

(She slaps money on the counter. Jason turns to Tommy)

Bert: It's great to meet you guys. My dad talked used to talk about you were superheroes or something. He'd never stop.

(They all laugh)

Kimberly: That's Ernie for ya. We did so much for him I guess we kind of were.

(Bert walks away and gets back to work)

Jason: You okay bro?

Tommy: There had to be another way, when one of us went evil we always found another way. When I was under Rita's control did you destroy me? No you freed me from her spell and let me join the team.

Kat: Tommy

Tommy: Same thing goes for you Kat when you were being controlled by Rita we found a way and you joined us. And what about when you two were turned evil by Divatox we found a way then.

(Kat puts her hands gently on his shoulder

Kat: That's different Tommy we all had some good in us. Zeltrax was consumed by hate there was nothing else you could have done. Id you had spared him he would have returned for revenge again at some point.

Tommy: I wish Zordon were here. He would have known what to do.

Kat: He would have supported your tough decision or maybe even coached through it if you hesitated

Tommy: Thanks Kat but I just wish there was a way we could hsve saved Smitty.

(Meanwhile at the Command Center)

Conner: Who are you?

Figure: I am the Sentinel Knight. . Some of you may be more familar with my father Zordon of Eltar.

Zack: Zordon's kid?

Sentinel Knight: Indeed my very being is forged from his esscence

Alpha 5: He contacted me and Tommy shortly after I arrived in the past.

Sentinel Knight: It's up to us to finish what my father started and stop Lord Zedd once and for all. But we must assemble every ranger in existence if that's possible. Operation Overdrive another team and the one I usually are currently battling their enemies for Zeojin.

(An alarm goes off and Alpha turns on the viewing globe. It shows humans running from something. Rocky suddenly starts having some sort of headache)

Aisha: You ok?

Rocky: I'll be fine. IT'S MORPHING TIME




Conner, Ethan, Kira, and Trent: DINO THUNDER POWER UP HA

(Meanwhile at the Juice Bar Tommy, Jason. Kat, and Kim just finished their milkshakes. Jason looks over at the karate mats)

Jason: How about a round for old times sake?

Tommy: You're on

(Before they can start Bulk and Skull come running in)

(Bert turns around)

Bert: You guys aren't supposed to work today.



(Still running they fail to see a wet floor sign and slip on a mopped floor.)

Tommy: It looks like the sparring match will have to wait. We better check this out.

(They leave and go outside)

Tommy: Alpha can you teleport to where the robot attacks are.

Alpha 5: Sure thing Tommy





(They teleport to the scene well Kat teleports back to base. They see robots disguised as humans blasting bystanders and take a few out. Bigger robots who didn't disguise themselve are attacking as well Rocky starts having another headache before he is saved by Zach. They defeat the rest of the robots before taking one back to base for examination)

(Billy puts it on a scanning machine)

(Krista and Ali wake up)

Krista: I see I wasn't dreaming

Angela: No kidding

Kimberly: Don't worry. You aren't the first one to faint after finding out a ranger's idenity.

Ethan: What up with C-3PO lookalike?

Billy: It's a cog

Tanya: But I fought we wiped out the Machine Empire

Tommy: Some of Mondo's generals survived plus Prince Gasket is still out there somewhere.

Jason: But what about the red ranger mission? We stopped them from resurrectiing Serpenterra. All of us the red rangers were there except

Rocky: Except me

Jason: You ok man

Rocky: Yeah I remember what happened. I was on a mission along with Aurico the red alien ranger when I was attacked by cogs. Me and him were captured by Gasket and he used technology to read our minds. Aurico escaped but I didn't and he found out about the red ranger mission by reading my mind and used it to trick us as well as Mondo's generals. He even made a decoy Serpenterra since the real one was hidden somewhere that only Lord Zedd knew but the generals didn't know that.

Tommy: Anything else?

Rocky: Yeah while I was on there. Gasket said he had plans to replace all Earthlings with machinery to revive the Mchine Empire.

Tommy: Any idea where Gasket is?

Rocky: No he could be anywhere

Alpha 5: In my time the Machine Empire but King Mondo rules not Gasket. We must have altered the past by destroying Zeltrax because in my time he....

Conner: He what?

Alpha 5: In my time he is one of Lord Zedd's generals you and all members of your team are killed attepting to rescue innocent civilains from him mainly because you didn't have your powers.

Conner: So you didn't tell us we were going into a battle where we might not come out alive?

Alpha: Since you had the powers I figured you would change the outcome.

Trent: Considering I've kept my share of secrets from them that wasn't very smart.

Ethan: I agree

Kira: Aren't you guys overeeacting a bit? We did defeat him after all without losing anyone.

Tommy: We did lose Smitty and we almost lost Conner if I hadn't saved him but now we have to focus on stopping Gasket.

(An interruption on the viewing globe catches their attention. A face becomes visible)

Face: We're under attack. we need help

Tommy: Andros?

Andros: We're on the megaship hurry

(Andros's face fades)

Tommy: I say we check this out. The power coins for me and Rocky were temporary so our powers are gone. Haley you have the Zeojin I asked you to get?

(Haley reaches inoto a bag)

Haley: Right here

Tommy: Each of us take a fragment take a fragment of this and we will be able to access the Zeo powers.

(Rocky, Kat, Adam, and Kat all take a fragment)

Tommy: You ready?

(The morphers appear and they charge their powers)






Conner: Not so fast we're coming too

Ethan: Anything to get away from R2-D2 over there

Krista and Angela: Conner and Ethan, be careful.

Conner and Ethan: We always are.

Conner, Ethan, Trent, and Kira: Dino Thunder Power Up HA

(They all teleport to the Astro Megaship. A pirecing scream knocks them dowwn)

Conner: What the keck Kira?

Kira: That wasn't me

(Two invisible forces knock them out again)

Ethan: What is going on here?

(The Space Rangers appear in front of them)

Andros: Surrender to Lord Gasket peacefully or we'll be forced to destroy you.


Zeo Rangers In Space Part 2

Conner: Lord Gasket? A little egomaniacal don't you think

Ethan: More like egomechanical

(Cogs and Quantrons show up)

Ethan: Oh great more droids

Tommy: Kat, Rocky, Adam, and Tanya you take out the army we'll deal with the rangers. Remember hold back like when were forced to fight the Wind Rangers. We want to get these guys back to normal not harm them.

Conner, Ethan, Kira, and Trent: SUPER DINO MODE

(Tommy and Conner take on Andros, Ethan Takes on TJ, Kira takes on Cassie and Ashley, and Trent fights Carlos and Zhane. They quickly take them to the ground and the rest of rangers defeat the army as well.)

Trent: That was easy

Kira: A little to easy

(The Space Rangers get up)

Andros: We can't fight at our full potential while in disguise. We'ere going to destroy you in our true forms

Ethan: True forms? Know what they're talking about Dr. O?

Tommy: No idea except that the real Space Rangers are human

Conner: So these guys are fakes?

Cassie: We're not akes we're better than the originals

(They all change into robotic forms)

Andros: Allow us to introduce our true selves PSYCHO RED





Zhane: and newly created I AM PSYCHO SILVER

Conner: How did you guys copy our Dino Gem power?

Psycho Red: Quite simple. First Lord Gasket obtained our remains romur battle with Galaxy Rangers then monitored your battles with the ones you call Measogog, Zeltrax, and Elsa. He then obtained Zeojin he found on Earth, scanned your powers with a mehanical bug scout, and fused it with our remnants.

Kira: How would you get the Zeojin without us noticing some weird activity.

Tommy: Our computers only detected Zeojin in Reefside. If Gasket was active on Earth he could have slipped by me and Haley easily.

Psycho Red: The one you call Zeltrax was a spy for Gasket he obtained it withot anyone finding out and delivered it to Lord Gasket. It gave us a big upgrade so he can copy your powers completely but only in our true forms can your abilties be mimicked fully. However since there were only 5 of you pick didn't get any of your Dino Gem powers. Allow me to demonstate.

All Psycho Rangers: SUPER PSYCHO MODE

(They sprout mechanical spikes rom their shoulder resmlling the Dino Rangers in their Super Dino Mode forms)

Psycho Red: Now we can achieve our goal to capture you and deliver you to Lord Gasket.

Conner: One question is this is all you can do?

Psycho Red: Lord Gasket stopped monitorig you after he copied this because he didn't need the rest.

Conner: Big mistake show them guys

(Ethan and Kira give him their powers)


(The Psycho Rangers step back in fear)


(They step back further in fear)


(Blasts Pyscho Red full force destroying him)

Psycho Pink: You'll Pay for that PSYCHO RANGERS ATTACK

(Psycho Yellow uses her Terra Scream to stun and Conner is by knocked down Psycho' Silver's speed. Out of the daze Tommy is ambushed by Psycho Black who is invisible and taken down well Kat, Rocky, Adam, and Tanya are defeated by Psycho Silver's speed Ethan, Kira, and Trent try to battle the Pycho Blue, Psycho Yellow, and Psycho Silver with their own powers but to no avail and are defeated since the Psycho Rangers know every move they'll make before they make it. They take them to another room where we see the real Space Rangers uncnscious and tied to wall)

(Meanwhile in Angel Grove. It has been 9 years since the then 12 year old Justin Stewart last saw his friends on a space mission to rescue them Because of his intelligence he graduated from Angel Grove High a year early at the age of 15, attended Angel Grove University at age 16 and majored in Autombile Technology, spent his spare time working at an auto repair shop and graduated from Angel Grove University at the age of 20. He is currently 22 and named his race car after as well as personally modeled it after his former zord the Mpuntain Blaster. He is currently a race car driver at the Angel Grove track)

Race Announcer: Justin Stewart and the Mountain Blaster are in 1st place he's about to ceome in 1st...

(Pyramidus crashes in the middle of the reacetrack's field and the Gold Ranger limps out follwed by the Phantom Ranger and the Blue Senturion)

Annoucer: What's this?

(Justin recgonizing Phantom Ranger and Blue Senturion goes to see what's going on. A bunch of auience members go onto the track and begin to blast them with lasers that come from their eyes. A bunch of Quantorns and Cogs are beamed up there. Jutin egins to fight them when Jason, Kimberly, Zack, and Aisha show up with the Alien Rangers to help. They defeat them when more Cogs disguised as humans show up and the real Mountain Blaster shows up to blast them away.)

Justin: Mountain Blaster?

Jason: We appreciate the assist but just get back to the race

Justin: But I'm a former Ranger. I saved you and Kimberly from being sacrificed by that lava monster

Kimberly: You mean Maligore?

(Blue Senturion scans him)

Blue Senturion: Identified as Justin Stewart former Blue Turbo Ranger

Jason: Come with us

(Justin gets in Mountain Blaster and drives off. Meeting the others at the base)

Alpha: Good to see you Justin. I see you met Trey

(Points to Gold Ranger)

Justin: Alpha you look great. And the Command Cneter looks good as new.

Alpha: Considering I'm from the future and haven't rusted a day and the Command Center has been rebuilt and upgraded with future technology that makes sense.

Justin: Future?

Alpha: Yes. Your world as well as mine are in great danger.

Justin: By who? Those machines out there were too fancy for Divatox

Alpha: No time to explain. I sent Mountain Blaster to get you after seeing you help out the team because the others need your help. I've been monitoring their space mission and they were captured.

Justin: But how am I supposed to help. Being powerless and all.

Trey of Triforia: With my powers. I contacted Alpha and told him exactly wher I would be landing

Jason: Wait after what happened with me is this safe?

Alpha: Sure the technology we used for you was from this time and was out of date. The technology we're using for this one is from my time and is up to date.

Trey: Justin of Earth do you accept the responsibilty of my powers?

Justin: I'll do anything to help my friends

(They both get in two seperate chambers. They come out after a few minutes. Trey hands Justin his staff.)

Trey: Take this. To morph just yell cross your knuckles and say gold ranger power.


(Alpha teleports him to the Delta Megaship. Meanwhile on board all of the rangers wake up.)

Psycho Blue: Oh you've finally waken up. Too bad you can't stop us.

(A bunch of noise is heard in the hallway of the ship)

Pyscho Yellow: What's going on?

(A bunch of Cogs and Quantons lay defeated with Justin standing there triumphantly)


(Justin takes the staff and attack Psycho Pink with it's powers destroying her. He then knocks the rest of the Pyscho's down and proceeds the free the rangers)

Tommy: Trey? Jason?

(Justin removes his helmet)

TJ: Who?

Justin: It's me Justin. I'm here to rescue you.

(The rangers smile at the sight of his face as he breaks the cuffs holding them. The Psycho Rangers stand baxck up but the rangers team up and quicky defeat them Blue, Yellow, and Black are defeated first since they are easily outmached by the rangers. Silver is difficult because of his speed but Conner is abl o focus aand hit him with the Tyranno Staff. He is knocked to the ground and is struggling to get up when he is bit by the Z Rex Blaster killing him. With the Psychos defeated the Zeo and Space Rangers(minus Andros) reunite with Justin for the first time in years. Meanwhile at Lord Zedd's palace.)

Lord Zedd: Finster did you finish rebuliding and reprogramming him yet?

Finster: Yes my lord. He has been completely reprogrammed with his memory intact

Lord Zedd: Excellent. He'll be perfect to team up with the rangers and take don the Machine Empire.

(Finster's finished creation walks into the room)

Finished Creation: Thank you for rebuiliding me Lord Zedd but now I have to get the Machine Empire back from Gasket.

Lord Zedd: You have any idea how you're going to do that?

Finished Creation: Yes thanks to Finster's upgrades

(He shows Lord Zedd one of his upgrades then reveals his plan)

Lord Zedd: Excellent neither side will suspect a thing HAHAHAHAHA

(Back at the Astro Megaship)

Ashley: I can't believe how much you've grown

Cassie: I know so handome

Carlos: Good job Justin

TJ: You've improved from your days as the Blue Turbo Ranger

Tommy: Indeed he has. How did you get around on this ship without being noticed?

Justin: My ninja abilties

Kat: From who?

Justin: First when I graduated from Angel Grove High I went on my own adventure in order to learn how to fight and met this guy who taught me. I think you knew him his name's Ninjor.

Adam: He gave our ninja powers

Justin: After that I went on to college but after graduating I went to the Wind Academy where the teacher taught me some ninja moves and his son Cam who taught me the way of the samurai. Well there I also trained under 5 other teachers Tori, Shane, Dustin, Blake, and Hunter.

Kira: Those Ninja Rangers from the ninja school you mean?

Justin: They were rangers? Cool.

Andros: I hate to interrupt the reunion but we have to find my son

Ashley: Our son and second of all calm down honey.

Zhane: My wife and daughter are missing too

Tommy: First we should explain how all this happened then we'll figure something out.

Ashley: Zhane had shown up shorly after our son was taken. Andros Zhane and I got a call from what appeared to be TJ asking him to let him, Carlos and Cassie in who were returning from a mission. We let them in and Zhane and I were attacked by the Psychos who had captured the real rangers on their mission hen dsgiused themselves to infiltrate the ship.

Andros: I thought I escaped so I called you for help but it was trap. Tey let me call you to lure you here. After I was done they took me out too but enough now we need to figure out how to find our son.

(A voice interrupts them)

Voice: I can help you there


Zeo Rangers In Space Part 3

(They all turn around to the person that just spoke)

Tommy: It’s King Mondo

King Mondo: Calm yourself Thomas I’m here to help you not destroy you.

Rocky: We’re supposed to trust you on that?

King Mondo: If I destroy you it would be most difficult getting the Machine Empire under my control and making that accursed son of mine pay

Adam: For all we know this could be a trap by Lord Zedd

King Mondo: I assure you this isn’t a trap.

(He walks over to the main computer and punches in something on the keyboard)

King Mondo: That’s his ship

Andros: So ho exactly do you plan on getting us on?

King Mondo: Simple my dear I’ll use this device I have to shapeshift into one of the Psycho Rangers I’ll get you aboard and then you can get your son back and I can get revenge on mine.

(He turns into Psycho Red and brings Gasket up on the monitor)

Lord Gasket: Report

King Mondo(as Psycho Red): I have captured all the rangers unfortunately the others were destroyed in the battle

Lord Gasket: A pity they made such fine soldiers. Oh well then I’ll beam you on to the ship.

(Within seconds they are on Gasket’ship in a hallway. Mondo changes back)

Mondo: Take them out but do not destroy them. I need some of them in tact

(The rest of the rangers attack the army while Andros goes down the opposite way looking for his son. He tries a room and finds him in there as well Melody his niece. He goes to grab him. but is attacked by a mysterious figure in the shadows)

Mysterious figure: Well well well you found me. We meet again Red Ranger.

Andros: YOU

(Meanwhile the rangers defeat the army and head to Gasket’s throne room)

Gasket: What’s going on?

King Mondo: Hello son

Gasket: Father?

Mondo: Yes I’ve come to reclaim my empire

Gasket: I’ve worked to have you take away what’s rightfyully mine.

(They fight and Mondo is easily winning)

Gasket: Father was never this skilled. Who are you?

Mondo: It’s time you paid for your crimes against our family brother

Zeo Rangers In Space Part 4

Gasket: Sprocket?

Mondo: Correct

(reveals his true form but instead of reverting to a young cchild he is now full grown and has a more muscular appearence)

Sprocket: Thanks to Lord Zedd’s shapeshifting device I was able to masquerade as Father in order to fool the rangers and once I destroy you I’m going to use this device to make it appear as if Father’s returned and restore the Machine Empie to it’s former glory.

Gasket: I already have begun rebuilding it

Sprocket: With your pathetic mecha-humans? Pease it needs real machines like Father had not your toys. I’m going to bring it back to the days when Father was in charge.

Gasket: Not if I destroy you first

Tommy: Should we help Sprocket?

Rocky: I say let them take care of their own sibloing rivalry

(Meanwhile Andros confrnots the kidnapper)

Kiidnapper : Suprised to see me Andros?

Andros: Darkonda? But you were destroyed when your ship collided with Dark Spectre

Darkonda: HAHAHAHAHA Please I survived the explosion and was floating in space till Gasket found me and turned me into a cyborg.

Andros: Give me the children NOW

Darkonda: Didn’t say please and think not your little Karoven is going to grow up to become Prince Karoven and Melody will become Astronema the 2nd.

Andros: Not if I have anything to say about it

(He extends his leg and trips Darkonda thewn grans by the neck and pins him up against the wall and starts to choke him) Andros: WHERE IS MY SISTER?

(Darkonda kicks him knocking him to the floor)

Darkonda: I sold her to Trakeena for quite a handsome amount of cash but it doesn’t matter because I’m about to blow this ship sky high and then I’ll be one step closer to becoming the all mighty Galatic Overlord Darkonda

(Throws a bomb onto the floor and runs out with Karoven and Melody)

Darkonda: So long Red Ranger HAHAHAHAHA

(He runs out the doorway. Andros pulls out his communicator).

Andros: Ashley get everyone off the ship and meet me back at the base. The ship is about to explode.

Ashley: Got it. Eveeryone there’s a bomb on board. Let’s get out of here now.

Tommy: Sprocket let’s go

Kat: Leave him he’s too absorbed in battle and besides this way the Machine Empire is gone for good.

Tommy: Let’s hope so.

(They all teleport baxk to the Megaship just as Gasket’s ship explodes destroying both him and Sprocket. Meanwhile back at the base.)

Ashley: So what’s our next plan?

Andros: To see some old friends. DECCA set a course for Terra Venture.



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