Part 1

Zurui has devised a brand-new master plan. Using high-tech devices, he manages to track down several locations where evil is the strongest. He first starts out by tearing open the Abyss of Evil (as seen in Ninja Storm), releasing Lothor and all of his powerful foot soldiers. At first, Lothor attacks Zurui, but is defeated almost immediately. Afterwards, Zurui explains his plan to rule the world and schemes Lothor into thinking that he'll be able to rule the world as well. The two agree and set out to destroy the Power Rangers.

Later, the rangers receive a signal from downtown, morph, and head over to the area. Upon the rangers' arrival, Zurui and Lothor attack. The rangers surrender and retreat back to headquarters. The Master tells them that their ranger equipment has been improved and the Power Rangers stage another battle against Zurui and Lothor. Lothor is defeated and is sent to Zurui's lab.

Meanwhile, Zurui weakens the rangers and steals their morphers, causing them to lose their ranger powers. The team is rendered weak and Zurui returns to his lair. Upset, he calls Lothor a "useless waste of time" and the two begin fighting. At first, they seem equally matched, but Zurui vaporizes Lothor and he's returned back to the Abyss of Evil.

To be continued...

Part 2

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