Forever Furious: The Movie is based off the 13th season of Power Rangers.


When Jayden (a mobster who has been freed from his imprisonment) begins wrecking havoc on the streets of Dogwood, thee six Forever Furious Rangers reunite and try to defeat the new villain. As they run about collecting information about him, Jayden frees Zurui from his magical vase and the two run amock destroying cities and lives. When the team arrives, Zurui and Jayden begin attacking them. Jayden is defeated, but Zurui remains. He decides to suck out all of Jayden's inner power and use it to make him more powerful, which killed Jayden in the process. With a team up from a few of the past, fellow rangers, the Forever Furious Rangers stand victorious and another day is saved.


Power Rangers:

Red Angelo
Blue Marcus
Yellow Ai
Purple Carol
Black Bayani
White Christopher





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