Judgement Time

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Dink Matson was a little kid when he was abandoned in the woods two hours after being found abandoned by a special families of gorillas that humans and gorillas viamseres a female gorilla found It took it in her lap and set up as agorilla with lu 4 years matso knew walking, talk climb trees and pick up food with the pas ar time matso was aprendenocustoms and traditions of gorillas when matso going to do six years his family had been begun to be poer hunters attacked his mother had hidden it in a hiding place in the brancha tree

after the hunt is over Matson came down and saw that his entire family was wiped out gorilla ran fleeces and saw his mother called him and tell him to take two weeks dino stone was found by a human family that created it years later was already Matson 17 years discovered the power of sealed your stone apatosaurus

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