Galactabeasts 'and Megatabeasts are the creatures lives on Samuel's own planet Galacta Planet. By his own, King Julien create the Megatabeasts when his Megashark Ship evolved into Megashark Zord. His own planet called Megashark Planet.


In the finale of In Space, Samuel create the own planet called Galacta Planet and see the first creature. After Showa series, Samuel saw the very rare first creature called Fire Dragon Galactabeast. The four remained Galactabeast is Thunderfox, Kingrilla, Condorah and PinkCat. Unfortunately, Thunderfox sacrificed onto battle against evil Devilator. Afterward, Thunderhound see Sam Puckett who let Thunderfox's sacrificed and show her to new Thunder elements. Sam saw Thunderfox and made looks then Centaurus convice the Rangers she rebuilt as Megatabeast.

List of the Galactabeasts

  • Fire Dragon/Battle Mode
  • Thunderfox (formerly deceased, later rebuilt as Megatabeast)
  • Thunderhound
  • Kingrilla
  • Condorah
  • PinkCat

Lost Galactabeasts

Samuel create four new Megazords, but there lost and destroyed in long ago then turned out undergoes metamorphosis into Galactabeasts. Each Megazord has a helmets on its head. In long time, the four Megazords were placed to four Samuel's own planets called Aku Planet becomes Dragzor, Zap Planet becomes Centauria, Machani Planet becomes Eaglira and Rain Jungle becomes Insectius.

List of the Lost Galactabeasts

  • Drago Galactabeast/Mega Dragozord (formerly Headmaster Megazord)
  • Centaur Galactabeast/Mega Centaurzord (formerly Creature Megazord)
  • Eagle Galactabeast/Mega Eaglezord (formerly Starwing Megazord)
  • Stag Galactabeast/Mega Stagzord (formerly Formula G2 Megazord)


After In Space, the Megashark Ship was evolving into the beast form and named Megatabeast. In the end of the episode 45: Lost Friend, King Julien found dead Thunderfox and revive as Thunderwolf much as Sam's shocked.

List of the Megatabeasts

  • Blaze Rhinozord
  • Thunder Wolfzord (formerly Thunderfox)
  • Jet Phoenixzord
  • Ground Molezord
  • Plasma Beetlezord

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