Goseitenso Sword is the Megaforce Red Ranger's final weapon, obtained from Samuel's kindness and Sora's love. By combining with Ultra Sword while in Shoot Mode, it become Super Goseitenso Blaster. It finisher attack was SuperUltra Revolver Strike. by combining with Ultra Sword is SuperUltra Zord Strike.


It was first appearance when Samuel's kindness and Sora's love was revived by Excalibura then he transformed into Megaforce Red Ultra Mode before becoming the Battlizer Mode called SuperUltra Mode. Vrak comments he harmness the power of Beast much as everyone surprised.

Slash Mode

Samuel used all Mini-Zords to insert his sword. His finisher was called SuperUltra Slash.

  • Dragon Mini-Zord - Dragon Flame Vulcan.
  • Phoenix Mini-Zord - Phoenix Slash.
  • Shark Mini-Zord - Shark Splash.

Shoot Mode

Samuel used all Mini-Zords to insert his sword. His finisher was called SuperUltra Blast.

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