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Gou Kazama
Gender: Male
Season: Kaiju Sentai Tohoranger
Color(s): Red/White
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
Number of Episode
Actor: Hiroyuki Kawai

Gou Kazama (風間剛, Kazama Gō) is Guyferd (ガイファード, Gaifādo), the main protagonist & titular character from the tokusatsu TV series Shichisei Tōshin Guyferd. He appears in Kaiju Sentai Tohoranger as a Legendary Hero.



His fighting style utilizes the five elemental “energies” (Fire, Water, Earth, Nature, & Metal) & the two ethereal energies (Air & Star) in order to draw strength for his transformation & seven super attacks. As Guyferd, he uses seven unique attacks based on the seven energies, the Shichiseiha (七星波 Seven Star Waves?).

  • Kyokuseiken (極星拳 Ultimate Star Fist?): Utilizing Star energy, Guyferd can deliver this powerful move as his final attack.
  • Rekkageki (烈火撃 Blazing Hit?): Utilizing Fire energy, Guyferd rapidly punches his opponent before using a smashing blow with his right fist.
  • Jiraishin (地雷震 Landmine Shock?): Utilizing Earth energy, Guyferd deliver a crushing kick upside the head at blinding speed.
  • Fukaranbu (風花乱舞 Air Flower Dance?): Utilizing Natural energy, Guyferd repeatedly execute a drop kick attack on his opponent.
  • Bakuraiha (爆雷波 Depthcharge Attack?): Utilizing Metal energy, Guyferd uses the air currents to deliver a flying drop kick against his opponents.
  • Saigekishu (碎撃蹴 Smashing Hit Kick?): Utilizing Water energy, Guyferd uses a drop kick to severely wound an opponent.
  • Gekiryusho (撃竜衝 Thrusting Dragon Attack?): Utilizing Aerial energy, Guyferd delivers a destructive ‘cross’ karate chop attack.

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