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Historic Rangers is a term referring to a collusion of all the veteran Power Rangers that predate and include the Mega Rangers. They join together to fight a yet-unknown force of gray foot soldiers and alien ships.

Character History


On his way to school, falling asleep on his school bus, J.D. Keller has a dream of an army of Power Rangers battling a horde of battleships and gray grunts. Mega Mission Later on, J.D. has the dream again, this time, with parts that weren't seen after the charge, and several Red Rangers were featured fighting the gray grunts just before J.D. woke up. Stranger Ranger J.D. also reveals his dream to the other rangers, his teammate, Ben suggested that his dream could predict the future. Prince Takes Knight . Heather Merrill, a Megaforce silver ranger, revealed that Kayla Thomas, a former Power Ranger is also her favorite fashion designer.

Historic Rangers in Super Megaforce

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