Hoot "Life" Freeman
Gray Reality Ranger
Gender: male
Season(s): Power Rangers Reality
Colors: Gray
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Lets get real here
Last Appearance:
Number of Episode
Gray Reality Ranger

Hoot "Life" Freeman is the Gray Ranger of Power Rangers Reality.

He is also referred to as Life himself, Gray Reality Ranger, or Reality Gray.


For Hoot, his life was always meant to be more than unbelievable. He and his twin brother Gary "Death" Freeman were born as the balance twins. But there brother ship was altered when the After living war broke out.

Later in the 21st century...


Hoot acts as one of the mentors of his Reality ranger team, mostly out on the battlefield. He is respectful and a determined leader, yet could often get cocky at times.

Unlike anyone, Hoot is has shown to be a man of reasoning and pride. Even if his life has to be sacrificed.



Notes & Trivia

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