Jake Hampton is the Tsunami Ranger from Power Rangers: Ocean Charge. In the series, Jake used to lived in Angel Grove before coming back to Summer Cove. He is an old friend of Nathan's. He develops feelings for Zoey. When he gained control of the Tsunami Ranger/Pearl of Destiny in Destiny Fulfilled. He didn't want to team up with the other rangers until the episode Not So Ice, the rangers learned who the Tsunami Ranger was and then in Washed Up

(Jake is portrayed by TBA)


  • He controls the Ice Saber
  • He has a Zora Hovercycle


She controls the Serpent zord and Seal zord.

Pearl of Power

He is the chosen holder of the Pearl of Destiny along with the other five pearls give him and the others the Trench Armor.


Power Rangers: Ocean Charge

First appeared in Complete Savages; Tsunami Ranger's first app was in Destiny Fulfilled

Power Rangers: Ocean Charge - The Movie

Set a year after Ocean Charge series and before the upcoming events of the movie, Jake continues seeing Zoey while still being friends with Nathan; Jake is currently a bell hop.

Power Rangers: Spy Ops

  • Losing Earth, part 2

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