Gender Male
Villain Type Movie Leader
Homeworld Earth
Series Power Rangers: Forever Furious
First Appearance Forever Furious The Movie
Last Appearance Forever Furious The Movie
Number of Episode Appearances 1
Jayden is the primary antagonist of Forever Furious: The Movie. Jayden is the primary adversary of Forever Furious: The Movie.


Jayden was a regular kid and he had a loving father. However, he was heartbroken when his father died in the war. After several years, he went homicidal and threatened to destroy all those who tried to kill him. Eventually, he turned his sights on world domination. He was sent to prison for a total of 10 years and was freed afterwards.

During the film

When he was freed from prison, he vowed revenge, starting with the Power Rangers. He freed Zurui from his magical vase and the two fought along side each other. However, Jayden was defeated and Zurui drained his inner power, which caused him to die.

A younger Jayden.


Although he seemed happy in his chilldhood years, he turned serious when his father died. He often has a grim face, which suggests his anger is never-ending.