Joe Smithson
Red Conspiracy Ranger
Gender: Male
Season(s): Power Rangers Conspiracy Force
Colors: Red
Homeworld: Earth
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Number of Episode
Red Conspiracy Ranger

"Fine mess we've gotten into. Oh well. It's morphing time!"

Joe Smithson is the Red Conspiracy Ranger and the field leader of the team.


Joe was one of the first five who interfered in the battle between Lord Zedd and the Grey Footsoldiers sent by Reptos to steal the Vril. He was the first to get his hands on his morpher and managed to activate it just in time to defeat two Greys at once with the explosion from his morph. He later gained acess to the Vril Armor Megabattle along with the rest of his team to fight Chubraca, a monster that was terrorizing Mexico. He later used the plans for the Megabattle to create the Beast Warrior Battlizer but struggled with the feral nature of the technorganic parts until he discovered donning it manually bypassed this weakness.

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