Either Kai Chen or Kai Parnell
Blue Galaxy Ranger
Gender: Male
Season(s): Lost Galaxy
Colors: Blue
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Quasar Quest (1)
Last Appearance: The Ranger Transfer (1)
Number of Episode
45 (Lost Galaxy)
2 (Lightspeed Rescue)
15 (Samurai Season 2)
9 (Samurai Season 3)
5 (Zodiac Force)
Actor: Archie Kao
Blue Galaxy Ranger

Kai Chen-Parnell (born July 28, 1972) is the Blue Galaxy Ranger and the wielder of the Blue Quasar Saber.


Before Lost Galaxy

Kai was brought up for the first five years of his life in a strict military family, until his parents and siblings abandoned him. He was then found by Scott Parnell and his brother, Tracey. He was adopted into the Parnell family by the next year with the name Kai Parnell. When he was 14, he was seriously injured in an indian mini motorbike accident, he was taken to the hospital, where he was in a coma for 3 months. He woke up, with amnesia, and regained all of them a month later, but felt he had to attack his older brother, Scott, for all of his pain and misery. When Scott had his 4 girls, the one he was confused about, was Jessie.

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

Kai's world was turned upside down when he became the Blue Galaxy Ranger. In one episode where the Quasar Sabers were stolen, Kai had clashed with Leo, in the end, they had become friends.

In Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, Kai fought alongside his niece's longtime friend, Chad Lee, to fight an undead Trakeena.

Power Rangers Samurai

In episode 4 of Season 2, It is learned that Kai had often clashed with Jessie, whom he had injured 5 years ago. He was kicked out of the Parnell House and he was told not to make any contact with her until she was 16. Since Jessie was upset with her uncle for trying to take custody of her, she told him not to make contact with her until she was at least 13, much to Scott's dismay. Scott was angered, so Kai was thrown out of their house, and told that if he tried to find contact with Jessie before age 16, it would be his head. Kai was attacked by Nighlok Jiakliao, he was automatically demorphed, suffered a seizure, in which he saw flashbacks.

In episode 31, Kai, Leo, and Damon fought alongside the Samurai, and Lightspeed Rangers against Yik jr., Yik's son.

In Episode 35, Kai revealed that he had taught Jessie how to cook.

In season 3, episode 19, Kai briefly chats with Emmie before Jessie's band goes on to her concert. He came back before to assist the rangers to fight Tripletune, a music nighlok.

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