Katrina Lewis
Pink Vehicle Squad Ranger
Gender: Female
Season(s): Power Rangers: Vehicle Squad
Colors: Pink
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Going to Start up
Last Appearance: Vehicle Squad Miracle
Number of Episode
75 (Vehicle Squad)

1 (Miracle Brigade)

Actor: Debby Ryan
Pink Vehicle Squad Ranger
"Vehicle of Love! Pink 5! Pink Ranger!"
—Roll Call

- Katrina's roll call

Katrina Lewis was the Pink Vehicle Squad Ranger of Power Rangers: Vehicle Squad, and the member of the Vehicle Squad Rangers.


Katrina is the best friend of Jade Newman. At age 17 she's the brains of the group. She and Jade were 1-year apart.


Vehicle Squad

Miracle Brigade

Pink Vehicle Squad Ranger



  • Rev Morpher (Pink) - Allows Katrina to morph into the Pink Driver Ranger.
  • Heli Blaster - Katrina's primary weapon.

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