King Titanium
Gender Male
Villain Type Emperor
Series  ???

King Titanium is the oldest son of King Mondo and new king of the Machine Empire. He was locked away by his family for attempting to usurp his father.


King Titanium is ruthless and very cunning he possesses absolutely no mercy and desires every power ranger dead for destroying his family. He is also shown to be a bit of a sadist taking great pleasure in converting humans into machines. How ever he is shown to have cared deeply for his family this is shown when upon rebuilding the Machine Empire in Secret he had statues of his deceased family mounted in their honor.


The Cyberdroids


The Morpher Virus- A virus that infected the the morphing grid and subsequently killed any ranger whose morpher was connected to it.


  • His costume is based on the same design as Kilobyte from Power Rangers: RPM.