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Red alert WARNING: This fanfictional series contains scenes of strong language, blood, bloodshed, and gun violence. Viewer discretion is advised!
Kishi Sentai Tokuranger
Number: 43 (Super Sentai)
1 (RB-Man's)
Number of episodes: 51
First episode: Emerge! Rise of the Knight Sentai!
Power Rangers Counterpart: Power Rangers Knight Storm
Original airing: 2019-2020
Author: RB-Man
Toku Change!
Production Order
[Lupinranger vs. Patoranger]

Kishi Sentai Tokuranger (騎士戦隊トクレンジャー Kishi Sentai Tokurenjā) translated as Knight Sentai Tokuranger is the 43rd entry in the Super Sentai franchise, it will replace Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger vs. Keisastu Sentai Patoranger in the Super Hero Time Block. It is also the first installment of RB-Man's Super Sentai Series.


300 years ago, a group of monsters called Devolian was sealed by five knights (Tokurangers). However, two Devolian named Svelia and Barulia escaped, attacked the knights from behind and stole their changers, leaving them dying. Takami, the son of Red Knight, chased them until an unknown portal suddenly opened in front of them, sucking all of them into Tokyo, 300 years in the future...
Now, with the help of four high school seniors, (Otoya, Takeshi, Saya, and Erino) they will become a new generation of heroes, together, they'll become the Tokurangers!



Ranger Designation Knight Type Name
TokuRed Dragon Knight Matake Takami
TokuBlue Tiger Knight Kazaki Otoya
TokuGreen Bear Knight Miura Takeshi
TokuYellow Bird Knight Narumi Saya
TokuPink Shark Knight Kazaki Erino
TokuGold T-Rex Knight Asuka Daigo
TokuSilver Ptera Knight Mika Daigo


  • Zero
  • Nara
  • Kaoru
  • Takami's Father


  • Daoran
  • Svelia
  • Barulia
  • Devolian Knights
    • Black Knight

More Coming Soon.



  • Tokuchanger
  • Tokuchanger DX
  • Super Tokuchanger


  • Tokusword
  • Tokushield


  • Kishi Gattai Ultra Toku-Oh
  • Kishi Gattai Toku-Oh
    • Toku Dragon
    • Toku Tiger
    • Toku Bear
    • Toku Bird
    • Toku Shark
  • Kishi Gattai Jurkai-King
    • Toku T-Rex
    • Toku Ptera


The episodes in this Sentai Series are referred to Quest (探求)

  1. First Quest: Emerge! Rise of the Knight Sentai! (出現!騎士戦隊の登場!Shutsugen! Kishi Sentai No Tōjō)
  2. Quest 2: Danger! Toku-Oh, Fight! (危険!トクオー, 戦い!Kiken! Toku Ō, Tataki!)
  3. Quest 3: Salsa! The Toku Dance Battle! (サルサ!トクダンスバトル! Sarusa! Tokudansubatoru!)

More Coming Soon.


  • This is the first Sentai Series to have a knight theme.
    • This is also the first Sentai Series since Go-Busters to have 51 episodes.
  • This is the first series to not have a televised run in the Heishi Era.
  • This is the third Sentai to have the Red Ranger to be different from the others.
    • This is also the first Sentai Series since Go-Onger to have two 6th Rangers.

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