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Red alert WARNING: This series contains scenes of strong language, blood, bloodshed, graphic and gun violence. Viewer discretion is advised!
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Kishi Sentai Tokuranger
Number: 43
Number of episodes: 52
First episode: Quest 1: Emerge! Rise of the Knight Sentai!
Power Rangers Counterpart: Power Rangers Knight Storm
Original airing: 2019-2020
Author: RB-Man
"Kishi Change!"
Production Order
[Lupinranger vs. Patoranger]
Savior Sentai Animanger

Kishi Sentai Tokuranger (騎士戦隊トクレンジャー Kishi Sentai Tokurenjā?) translated as Knight Squadron Tokuranger is the 43rd and upcoming entry in the Super Sentai Series, replacing Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patoranger and will joining Kamen Rider Zi-OIcon-crosswiki for the TV Asahi Tokusastu Block, Super Hero Time.


300 years ago, a group of monsters called Devolian was sealed by five knights (Tokurangers). However, two Devolian named Svelia and Barulia escaped, attacked the knights from behind and stole their changers, leaving them dying. Takami, the son of Red Knight, chased them until an unknown portal suddenly opened in front of them, sucking all of them into Tokyo, 300 years in the future...
Now, with the help from four high school seniors, Otoya, Takashi, Saya, and Erino, Takemi will lead a new generation of heroes. Together, they'll become the Tokurangers!



Ranger Designation Knight Type Name
TokuRed Dragon Knight Takami Matake
TokuBlue Tiger Knight Otoya Yano
TokuGreen Bear Knight Takashi Miura
TokuYellow Bird Knight Saya Narumi
TokuPink Shark Knight Erino Kazaki
TokuGold T-Rex Knight Asuka Daigo
TokuSilver Ptera Knight Mika Daigo
TokuCrimson Phoenix Knight Yuzuki Makate


  • Zero
  • Nara
  • Kaoru
  • Makate Maiko

Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger

Color Designation Name
Lupin Red Kairi Yano
Lupin Blue Tooma Yoimachia
Lupin Yellow Umika Hayami
Lupin X Noel Takao

Keisatsu Sentai Patoranger

Color Designation Name
Patoren 1gou Keiichiro Asaka
Patoren 2gou Sakuya Hikawa
Patoren 3gou Tsukasa Myoujin
Patoren X Noel Takao

Savior Sentai Animanger

Ranger Designation Animal Name
Anima Red Wolf Tetsuya Gentaro
Anima Black Elephant Maru
Anima Blue Tiger Kaitou
Anima Yellow Rabbit Mary
Anima Pink Hawk Mei
Anima Green Shark Souji
Anima Shine Lion Jirou Koizumi



  • Daoran
  • Svelia
  • Barulia
  • Devolian Knights
Dark TokuRed/Black Knight Makate Takami

More villains to be confirmed by RB-Man.

Monsters of the Week

To be confirmed by RB-Man.



  • Tokuchanger
  • Tokuchanger DX
  • Phoenix Phone
  • Super Tokuchanger
  • Dark Tokuchanger


  • Tokusword
  • Tokushield

Team Cannon

  • Super Toku Saber
    • Toku Saber
    • Toku Blaster
    • Toku Crossbow


  • Chou Kishi Gattai Ultra Toku-Oh
    • Kishi Gattai Toku-Oh
    • Toku Dragon
    • Toku Tiger
    • Toku Bear
    • Toku Bird
    • Toku Shark
  • Kishi Gattai Jurkai-King
    • Toku T-Rex
    • Toku Ptera
    • Toku Phoenix
    • Toku Thunderbird


The episodes in this Sentai Series are referred to as Quests. ( 探求?)

  1. First Quest: Emerge! Rise of the Knight Sentai! (出現!騎士戦隊の登場! Shutsugen! Kishi Sentai no Tōjō!?)
  2. Quest 2: Danger! Toku-Oh, Fight! (危険!トクオー, 戦い! Kiken! Toku Ō, Tataki!?)
  3. Quest 3: Salsa! The Toku Dance Battle! (サルサ!トクダンスバトル! Sarusa! Tokudansubatoru!?)
  4. Quest 4: Knight Power! The Secret to Takami's Past! (ナイトパワー!タカミの過去への秘密! Naitopawa! Takami no Kako e no Himitsu!?)
  5. Quest 5: What? Takashi's Leaving? (何? 隆の取り置き? Nani? Takashi No Torioki??)
  6. Quest 6: High School! The Place Where You'll Die! (高校! あなたが死ぬ場所! Kōkō! Anata Ga Shinu Basho!?)
  7. Quest 7: Dating! Beginning of a Nightmare! (デート! 悪夢の始まり! Dēto! Akumu no Hajimari!)
  8. Quest 8: TBC
  9. Quest 9: TBC
  10. Quest 10: TBC
  11. Quest 11: TBC
  12. Quest 12: TBC
  13. Quest 13: TBC
  14. Quest 14: TBC
  15. Quest 15: TBC
  16. Quest 16: TBC
  17. Quest 17: TBC
  18. Quest 18: TBC
  19. Quest 19: TBC
  20. Quest 20: TBC
  21. Quest 21: TBC
  22. Quest 22: TBC
  23. Quest 23: TBC
  24. Quest 24: Double Up! Rise of the Dino Duo! (ダブルアップ!ディノデュオの登場! Daburu appu!Dinode~yuo no Tōjō!)
  25. Quest 25: TBC
  26. Quest 26: TBC
  27. Quest 27: TBC
  28. Quest 28: TBC
  29. Quest 29: TBC
  30. Quest 30: TBC
  31. Quest 31: TBC
  32. Quest 32: TBC
  33. Quest 33: Super Power! Tokurangers, Super Mode! (スーパーパワー!トクレンジャー、スーパーモード!Sūpāpawā! Tokurenjā, Sūpāmōdo!)
  34. Quest 34: TBC
  35. Quest 35: TBC
  36. Quest 36: TBC
  37. Quest 37: TBC
  38. Quest 38: TBC
  39. Quest 39: Oh No! Takami Goes to the Dark Side! (ああ、いいえ!高見はダークサイドに行く!Ā, īe! Takami Wa Dākusaido Ni Iku!)
  40. Quest 40: Arise! The Mighty Crimson Knight! (起きなさい!マイティクリムゾンナイト! Oki nasai! Maitikurimuzon'naito!)
  41. Quest 41: It's Happened! Power of the Eight Rangers! (それは起こった! 八レンジャーの力!Sore Wa Okotta! Hachi Renjā no Chikara!)
  42. Quest 42: TBC
  43. Quest 43: TBC
  44. Quest 44: TBC
  45. Quest 45: TBC
  46. Quest 46: TBC
  47. Quest 47: TBC
  48. Quest 48: TBC
  49. Quest 49: TBC
  50. Quest 50: TBC
  51. Quest 51: TBC
  52. Last Quest: The Final Battle! Legend of the Kishi Sentai! (最後の戦い!岸戦隊の伝説! Saigonotatakai! Kishi Sentai no Densetsu!)


  1. Kishi Sentai Tokuranger The Movie: Blast to the Past! (騎士戦隊トクレンジャー THE MOVIE: 過去に爆発! Kishi Sentai Tokurenjā Za Mūbī: Kako Ni Bakuhatsu!?)
  2. Kishi Sentai Tokuranger VS Lupinranger VS Patoranger: Knight, Thief, and Police Showdown! (騎士戦隊トクレンジャー VS ルパンレンジャー VS パトレンジャー: 騎士、快盗、警察の対決! Kishi Sentai Tokurenjā VS Rupanrenjā VS Patorenjā: Kishi, Kaitō, Keisatsu no Taiketsu!?)
  3. Untitled Reunion Special


  • This is the first Sentai Series to have a Medieval theme.
    • This is also the first Sentai Series since Go-Busters to not have less then 50 episodes.
  • This is the first Sentai Series to not have a televised run in the Heishi Era.
    • This is also the third Sentai to have the Red Ranger to be different from the others.
  • This is the first Sentai Series since Go-Onger to have 2 6th Rangers.
  • It is also the third Sentai series to have two Red Rangers.
  • Takashi is the first ever Sentai Ranger to be African-American, since his birth parents were born in Africa.
    • Asuka and Mika are also the first 6th Rangers to be twins.
  • RB-Man confirmed that most of the translations have been done by the Google Translator.

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