Kizyu Gattai Dairyuoh
Number of Zords 4
Zords Plesi Booster Mode, Brachidos, Stryaka, Phoenixo
Series Kibazyu Sentai Kizyuger
Dairyuoh is the secondary mecha of the Kizyugers and one of the mecha that forms the Zyujinnoh.


Dairyuoh consists of 4 Zyudenryu: Plesi Booster Mode, Brachidos , Styraka and Phoenixo. Phoenixo forms the core of the Mecha and the head which has a gold headdress. Brachidos forms the legs, Styraka forms the right arm and Plesi forms the left arm.


Dairyuoh can tap into the elemental powers of its components and use them in battle. It's finisher is the Great Burst, a blast of all four elements at once.