Here's the list of Legendary Powers, which the Super Mega Rangers use to summon the past Power Rangers' powers.

By unlocking the Legendary Power of a previous team's Legendary Ranger Keys, the Super Mega Rangers can access special powers, often activated with the Legendary Megazord, based on the previous Power Ranger teams' zord; or special powers that power up the Legendary Megazords. Most of the powers manifesting as zords are completely redesigned & don the Super Mega Rangers' symbol. The unlocking of a Legendary Power is signaled when the Legendary Ranger Keys of the team that has been unlocked start to glow.


Legendary Power is a yellow aura existing inside a Ranger & shared among the Power Ranger team's members. This power can be stored in the Legendary Ranger Keys to be used by the Super Mega Rangers. It can also be concentrated in form of energy balls, identified by the team's respective logos, after being stolen by Simon, which then can be absorbed into the Legendary Ranger Keys.

The Legendary Power of a Power Ranger team can be transferred remotely to the Legendary Ranger Keys. It can be transferred directly via a physical contact with the keys as well.

It is revealed that inexperienced Power Ranger teams may be unaware of their own Legendary Powers, like in cases of the Super Mega Rangers & Second Generation Ranger Operators. Some non-Ranger heroes also possess a Legendary Power that the Super Mega Rangers can use, such as the Riders.

Legendary Powers by Team

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Dino-Rex PirateZord

Q-Rex Dinozord

Main article: [Q-Rex Dinozord| Q-Rex Dinozord]

Q-Rex Dinozord: The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' Legendary Power is part of a trio of Legendary Powers granted to Orion (Super Megaforce Silver). It is incorporated in one of the Q-Rex Megazord's alternate modes, the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord & Dragonzord-like Q-Rex Dinozord.Silver Lining 

Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers

Main article: [Ninjor| Ninjor]


Ninjor: The creator of the Power Coins, he was an ally of the Power Rangers. He sealed himself within a pot in the Temple of Power to hibernate for nineteen years before being released. After the Super Mega Rangers release him, he decides to observe the Super Mega Rangers to see if they are worthy to have the Aquitar Rangers' Legendary Power. The Super Mega Rangers then gain Ninjor's approval & gained the Aquitar Rangers' Legendary Power, which unknowingly was himself. Ninjor is the final free Legendary Power the Super Mega Rangers have obtained.

NOTE: It's unknown why he's called the Legendary Power of the Alien Rangers as he only fought alongside the Power Rangers. It's probably because in Ninja Sentai Kakuranger, his Sentai counterpart, Ninjaman, fought alongside the Kakurangers (the Alien Rangers' counterparts).

Power Rangers Zeo

The Legendary Power of the Zeo Rangers was granted by Kat Hillard (Zeo Ranger I Pink) as per a plan made by the Zeo Rangers when the Mega Rangers went over to face Simon.

It is used in the completion of the Super Mega Cannon, the Super Mega Rangers' powerful team cannon which is powered by loading Legendary Ranger Keys similar to how the Zeo Cannon was loaded with the Zeo Crystals. The Legendary Power itself is to bring the powers of a team together for a devastating attack. [ Grass is Always Greener... or Bluer ]

Power Rangers Turbo

The Legendary Power of the Turbo Rangers: The Legendary Megazord is able to perform an attack that resembles the finishing attack of the Turbo Megazord.Love Is In the Air

Power Rangers In Space

Mega Wing: A component of the Silver Ranger's jet-like personal zord, the Mega Winger, to fight alongside the other Space Rangers; he usually let the Space Rangers use a Mega Wing glider to become the Winged Mega Voyager. Similar to this, the Legendary Power of the Space Rangers gives the Q-Rex Megazord the Mega Winger's Mega Wing, the formation being called the Winged Q-Rex Megazord.

The Legendary Power was granted by TJ Johnson (Blue Space Ranger) & Cassie Chan (Pink Space Ranger) after the Super Mega Rangers spent a day helping to rebuild the Astro Megaship, as per a deal. Simon also tried to take the Legendary Power for himself, but was foiled by the Super Mega Rangers.

With the Space Rangers' Legendary Power, the Winged Q-Rex Megazord can attack drill-arm first in its finishing attack. Power Rangers Super Megaforce - Mega World Tour

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

The Legendary Power of the Galaxy Rangers is transferred to the Magna Defender Key by Leo Corbett after his approval & gives it to Orion after Simon tried to actually take the Legendary Power from Leo. Return to Terra Venture

When the Magna Defender Key is inserted into the Q-Rex Megazord, it performs a spinning bifurcation attack similar to the Defender Torozord's signature finisher.

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

Hydro Blasters: When the Super Mega Rangers use the Lightspeed Rescue Keys, they summon five large Hydro Blasters from the Legendary Megazord's hatches & cannon; similar to the water jets of the Aqua Rescue 2 used to put out fires, either on its own or in Hydro Mode. The hoses allow the Legendary Megazord to perform the Hydro Blast attack, dousing any sort of fire with five streams of highly-pressurized water. Then, this is given way for the finishing attack, where the Legendary Megazord is surrounded by fire, much like the Lightspeed Megazord, then slashes the opponent with a x-slash.

The Lightspeed Rangers' Legendary Power was granted to the Super Mega Rangers by Carter Grayson (Red Lightspeed Ranger) & Dana Mitchell (Pink Lightspeed Ranger).

Power Rangers Time Force

Main article: [Q-Rex Drill| Q-Rex Drill]
Dino-Drill PirateZord

Q-Rex Drill

Q-Rex Drill: The Time Force Rangers' Legendary Power is part of a trio of Legendary Powers granted to Orion (Super Megaforce Silver).

The Legendary Power of the Time Force Ranger is incorporated in one of the Q-Rex Megazord's alternate modes, Drill Mode, where it is summoned from the 31st century & functions much like the Time Force Rangers' Time Flyers. [Silver Lining] As directed by Wesley Collins (Time Force Red), it also allowed the Super Mega Rangers to travel through time.

Power Rangers Wild Force

Main article: [Red Lion Wildzord| Red Lion Wildzord]

Red Lion Wildzord


Legendary Megazord with Wild Power

Red Lion Wildzord: The Red Wild Force Ranger's totem Wildzord, the Red Lion Wildzord normally resides on the island Animarium since the defeat of the Orgs before the Super Mega Rangers & the Armada arrived. 

It can combine with the Legendary Megazord to form the Legendary Wild Force Megazord, a centaur-type formation similar to the Pegasus Megazord. The Legendary Wild Force Megazord's finishing attack is the Mega Roar, releasing a powerful energy beam from the Red Lion Wildzord's mouth while executing two powerful slashes from the Legendary Megazord's swords. The Super Mega Rangers gain access to the Red Lion Wildzord after Troy, Noah, & Gia saved a crowd of citizens from one of the Armada's monsters & a platoon of XBorgss, making them worthy in the Red Lion Wildzord's eyes to wield it's power. Lion's Alliance

The Red Lion Wildzord was later struck down by the Armada during the penultimate episode

Power Rangers Ninja Storm

Main article: [Minizord| Minizord]



Legendary Ninja Megazord

The Minizord is the combination of two Power Spheres from Ninja Storm. Unlike its original form, the Minizord is green instead of navy blue, with elements of the Samurai Star Megazord. While the sun/moon is still on his body, it doesn't make up a majority of his body & it isn't on his chest. The Minizord rides on a large shuriken that he uses as a weapon & can perform an attack, throwing the shuriken at an opponent. He combines with the Legendary Megazord to form the Legendary Ninja Megazord, the Legendary Ninja Megazord resembling the Storm Megazord. It is covered with shuriken & is armed with a chained shuriken. It has an attack during which the Legendary Ninja Megazord sends off a flurry of shuriken that strike the target. Its finishing attack has the Minizord separate from the Legendary Ninja Megazord before performing his finisher, using an army of clones of himself to attack the target with multiple shuriken.

The Legendary Power of the Ninja Rangers is granted to the Super Mega Rangers by the Wind Ranger trio of Shane Clarke, Tori Hanson, & Dustin Brooks (Red Wind Ranger, Blue Wind Ranger, & Yellow Wind Ranger respectively), after their team-up battle. Before that, however, the Minizord appeared to help an overpowered Q-Rex Megazord pin down Vexacus so Super Megaforce Silver can destroy him.

The Minizord was later shot off of his pinwheel/shuriken during the penultimate episode.

Power Rangers Dino Thunder

Main article: [Q-Rex Megazord| Q-Rex Megazord]
Dino-Mega Piratezord

Q-Rex Megazord


Legendary Q-Rex Megazord

Q-Rex Megazord/Legendary Q-Rex Megazord: The Dino Rangers' Legendary Power is part of a trio of Legendary Powers granted to Orion (Super Megaforce Silver). Silver Lining

While it is normally used for the Q-Rex Megazord transformation via the White Dino Ranger Key, when the entire Dino Thunder Ranger Key Set is used, it enables the formation of the Legendary Q-Rex Megazord, where the Super Mega Jet Zord & Super Mega Racer Zord is swapped for the Q-Rex Megazord's arms.United as One

The Q-Rex Megazord was later shot out of the sky while using the Space Rangers' Legendary Power in the penultimate episode.

Power Rangers S.P.D.

Main article: [Delta Runner 1| Delta Runner 1]

Delta Runner 1


Legendary SPD Megazord

Delta Runner 1: The Delta Runner 1 is the SPD Red Ranger's personal zord. It has a different design in this season than it had in Space Patrol Delta, with some elements from the Blast Runner.

It combines with the Legendary Megazord to form the Legendary SPD Megazord, which resembles the Delta Aquad Megazord. In this state, Legendary SPD Megazord can use the parts of the Delta Runner 1 in its arms as firearms in its attacks & even have the Delta Runner 1 separate from it to attack independently. The Legendary SPD Megazord's finishing attack is the SPD Final Strike, firing all built-in weapons at the opponent.

It ended up getting damaged & beaten during the penultimate episode.

Power Rangers Mystic Force

Main article: [Mystic Dragon| Mystic Dragon]

Mystic Dragon


Legendary Mystic Megazord

Mystic Dragon: The Mystic Dragon is the first combination zord from Mystic Force, formed from the Mystic Titan forms of the Blue, Yellow, Pink, & Green Mystic Rangers. Unlike its original form, the Mystic Dragon is red instead of a mix of five colors, as well as not formed from the four Mystic Rangers. It combines with the Legendary Megazord to form the Legendary Mystic Megazord. In this state, the Legendary Mystic Megazord can fly & even have the Mystic Dragon separate from it to attack independently. The Legendary Mystic Megazord's finishing attack is the Ancient Power, Mystic Spell Seal, during which the Mystic Dragon is launched from the Legendary Megazord & creates a series of magical seals around the opponent that crushes it.

The Mystic Dragon was later shot down in flames during the penultimate episode.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive


DriveMax Megazord

DriveMax Megazord: The Overdrive Rangers' giant megazord, the combination of the main five DriveMax Zords, summoned by the Operation Overdrive Keys. Using its sword, it slashes the target twice then tosses the sword to the Legendary Megazord so it can pull off the finishing attack. The approval for the Overdrive Rangers' Legendary Power was granted by Mack Hartford (Red Overdrive Ranger), who also appeared to find the Heart of Hades. Kicking Back Into Overdrive

Power Rangers Jungle Fury

Main article: [Animal Spirits| Animal Spirits]

Animal Spirits: When the Super Mega Rangers use the Jungle Fury Keys, they summon the Animal Spirits (Tiger Animal Spirit, Cheetah Animal Spirit, Jaguar Animal Spirit, Wolf Animal Spirit, & Rhino Steel Zord). The Animal Spirits emerge from the limb hatches & cannon to allow the Legendary Megazord to perform a finishing attack.

The Super Mega Rangers gain access to the Animal Spirits after Jake & Emma were taught the meaning of hard work though martial art basics by Casey Rhodes (Jungle Fury Red Ranger). Spirit of the Tiger

Power Rangers RPM

Main article: [Turbo Falcon Zord| Turbo Falcon Zord]
Speeder Powerzord

Turbo Falcon Zord


Legendary RPM Megazord

Turbo Falcon Zord: A hybrid between a falcon & a Formula-1 race car as well as the latest Zord Attack Vehicle created by Dr. K. It is summoned by the RPM Keys. As a Zord Attack Vehicle, Falcon Speeder's number is 13, with the 3 looking like three drag pipes.

The Turbo Falcon Zord combined with the Legendary Megazord to form the Legendary RPM Megazord. Able to move at fast speeds, the Legendary RPM Megazord can use the Turbo Falcon Zord's Hover Mode to execute the Legendary RPM Grand Prix, an overhead vertical slash attack.

The Turbo Falcon Zord was later beaten & sent back into its alternate dimension during the penultimate episode.

Power Rangers (Super) Samurai


Legendary Samurai Megazord

Symbol Power: The Samurai Rangers' main elemental kanji-based source of power, which they had used for a lot of purposes, including fighting Nighloks. The access to Symbol Power is summoned by the (Super) Samurai Keys & channeled through the Red Lion Wildzord, allowing the Red Lion Wildzord to combine with the Legendary Megazord to form the Legendary Samurai Megazord. The merging of the Red Lion Wildzord in the chest of the megazord is similar both to the Wild Force Megazord, which was how it was originally used, as well as the appearance of the lion--like the Lion FoldingZord in the Samurai Megazord.

The Symbol Power is accessed after the team's bonds impress Jayden Shiba (Red Samurai Ranger) & they gain his approval.Samurai Surprise

Power Rangers Megaforce

Main article: [Zords| Zords]

Zords: When the Super Mega Rangers use the Megaforce Keys, they summon their original main zords (Dragon Zord, Phoenix Zord, Snake Zord, Tiger Zord, & Shark Zord), Sky Brothers Zords, Land Brothers Zords, & Sea Brothers Zords to charge at the opponent in a finishing attack.Silver Lining

Power Rangers Super Megaforce


Ultimate Legendary Megazord

Kanzen Soul

Ultimate Engine Cell

The Ultimate Legendary Megazord is the combination of the Legendary Megazord, Q-Rex Megazord, & Turbo Falcon Zord when the Legendary Power of the Super Mega Rangers, the Ultimate Engine Cell, is used & inserted into the Turbo Falcon Zord. The Ultimate Legendary Megazord can use the Q-Rex Drill slash attack with it's right arm & the missile attacks from the left-sided fingers. The Ultimate Legendary Megazord's finishing move is the Flying Fist, where the oversized left fist is fired off of the Ultimate Legendary Megazord & strikes the opponent with enough force to go through it.

  • With the Mystic Dragon, Delta Runner 1, Red Lion Wildzord, & Minizord adding their power into the Flying Fist, the Ultimate Legendary Megazord can perform a stronger version of it called the Ultimate Legendary Zord Blitz Attack.

Power Rangers GB

The Second Generation Ranger Operators' Legendary Power was revealed to be the Cybuddes. This manifests in the Phantom Ranger Keys tranforming into Legendary Cybuddy Keys. When the Super Mega Rangers use these new Cybuddy keys, whatever megazords are in the system can manifest giant keys such as this. These keys in turn can change into Legendary Megazord Keys in the style of various Power Ranger megazords, allowing the megazords in the field to morph into the classic megazords.

New Legendary Powers

Main article: [New Powers| New Powers]

Legendary Meridian Power

Main article: Meridian Starship

The Meridian Starship was the original mobile fortress of the Order of Meridian. It was used to help the Super Mega Rangers travel to the different parts of the world, & later combines with the Legendary Megazord to form the Legendary Meridian Megazord.

The Order of Meridian's Legendary Power was granted to them by Zordon (Red Meridian Ranger) during the return of his old enemy, Emperor Blackcross.Mega World Tour

Legendary Royal Flush Power

The Legendary Royal Flush Power was granted to Gabriel Bonheur (Rainbow Ranger) by Orion & Robo Knight when they were in France during the return of Emperor Blackcross.Mega World Tour

Legendary Battle Power

The Legendary Battle Power was given to Alfajiri (Black Panther Ranger) by Gia & Emma when they were in Kenya during the return of Emperor Blackcross.Mega World Tour

Legendary Data Power

The Legendary Data Power was granted to Trevor Gorman (Blue Data Ranger) by Troy & Zordon when they were in Cross World City during the return of Emperor Blackcross.Mega World Tour

Legendary Sun Power

The Legendary Sun Power was taken by Simon off-screen before the attempted execution of Noah & Jake while they were in Mexico during the return of Emperor Blackcross. After the two Super Mega Rangers defeated him, it was formally issued to Adrian Grande (Red Eagle Ranger).Mega World Tour

Legendary Gem Power

The Legendary Gem Power was granted to Khar (Black Emerald Ranger) by Gia & Emma while they were in Mongolia during the return of Emperor Blackcross.Mega World Tour

Legendary Battalion Power

Battalion Dynamite: The Battalion Rangers' group finisher, using the explosive power they harness to join into a powerful ball of light which explodes on contact; it is even upgraded into a Super Battalion Dynamite which turns the whole team into a spiraling fireball. The Legendary Battalion Power was granted to Vilda Blomgren (Pink Battalion Ranger) by two of the Super Mega Rangers while they were in Germany during the return of Emperor Blackcross.

The Legendary Battalion Power gave the Legendary Meridian Megazord enough explosive power to fly through a fleet of Armada Battleships as a spinning fireball similar to Super Battalion Dynamite, causing them to explode in the Legendary Super Battalion Dynamite attack.Mega World Tour

Though Troy didn't use this power set to morph, he used it in the Legendary Megazord to activate its fire storm strike attack.The Wrath

Legendary Bio Power

The Legendary Bio Power was granted to Akira Nakamura (Red Bio Ranger) by two of the super Mega Rangers while they were in Japan during the return of Emperor Blackcross.Mega World Tour

Legendary Blitz Power

Earth Force: The mysterious yet very powerful energy utilized by the Blitz Rangers; the Legendary Blitz Power summons the Earth Force of all the Blitz Rangers & stores it within the Legendary Megazord's cannons then fires out the cannonball-like mass of energy with immense force in the attack known as the Legendary Blitz Blaster.

While two of the Super Mega Rangers were in Great Britain during the return of Emperor Blackcross, the Legendary Blitz Power was taken by Simon, wiping out the Royal Earth Defense Force. 

After the two Super Mega Rangers defeat Simon, it was formally issued to Raymond Gale (Black Blitz Ranger).Mega World Tour

Legendary Prism Power

The Legendary Prism Power was taken by Simon sometime before he took the Legendary Blitz Power & the failed attempt at the Legendary Zeo Power. Where & how Simon obtained the Legendary Power is unknown: due to the Prism Rangers' biology, they can only last a limited period of time on Earth before the effects of the Anti-Prism Phenomenon kicks in.

Likewise, due to Simon's ability to traverse space with his spaceship, he could have invaded one of the Prism Rangers' planets to take the Legendary Power either before coming to Earth or in the midst of his Legendary Power hunt as a side quest if the Prism Rangers were not on Earth itself after first inheriting their powers. 

After two of the Super Mega Rangers defeated him while they were in Roswell, New Mexico during the return of Emperor Blackcross, it was formally issued to Mawrg (Green Prism Ranger).Mega World Tour

Legendary Lightning Power

Aura Power: Aura is an energy source manipulated & controlled by the Lightning Rangers; this is similar in concept as the Blitz Rangers' Earth Force, the Myth Rangers' Aura Qi & the Jungle Fury Rangers' Animal Spirit Power. 

The Legendary Lightning Power allows for Aura to surround the Legendary Megazord's right hand, which does a front flip-flying karate chop.

The Legendary Lightning Power was taken by Simon sometime before he took the Legendary Blitz Power & the failed attempt at the Legendary Zeo Power. After two of the Super Mega Rangers defeated him while they were in China during the return of Emperor Blackcross, it was formally issued to Huang, who goes on to become the Blue Lightning Ranger.Mega World Tour

Legendary Animal Power

Legendary Animal Megazord: The combination of two of the Animal Rangers' main megazords, this Legendary Animal Megazord arrivess via the Legendary Animal Ranger Keys by transforming the Legendary Megazord into said Legendary Megazord for the Legendary Animal Burst finisher. The Legendary Animal Power was granted to Grant Butler (Yellow Lion Ranger) by Noah & Jake while they were in South America during the return of Emperor Blackcross, for the two gaining an understanding about the importance of life.Mega World Tour

Legendary Racer Power

The Legendary Racer Power was granted to Richie Flame (Red Racer Ranger) by Gia & Emma while they were in Australia during the return of Emperor Blackcross.Mega World Tour

Legendary Supersonic Power

The Legendary Supersonic Power was taken by Simon off-screen before the attempted execution of Orion & Robo Knight while they were in Italy during the return of Emperor Blackcross. After the two defeat him, it was formally issued to Stella Costa (Yellow Supersonic Ranger).Mega World Tour

Legendary Sky Power

Legendary Phoenix Strike: The finisher of the Sky Rangers' megazord. While the Super Mega Rangers are able to use an attack that allows them to assume the form of a phoenix-like firebird as their finishing move with this Legendary Power, Nick Antiman (Black Condor Ranger), the one who was granted the Legendary Sky Power, believes his team's true Legendary Power shall be the will to overcome any obstacle, even death. 

The Super Mega Rangers later reused this Legendary Power in the Legendary Meridian Megazord against a fleet of Armada Battleships right after using the Legendary Battalion Power for the Legendary Phoenix Strike ramming attack, where it turned the Legendary Meridian Megazord into a fiery bird.Mega World Tour

Legendary Squadron Power (Mighty Morphin Myth Rangers)

Aura Qi: Aura Qi is the main power source of the Myth Rangers, the "unofficial" Power Rangers team.Mega World Tour

Also known as the Legendary Squadron Power, this power was granted to the Super Mega Rangers by Tommy Oliver (White Ranger) during a fight; the Super Mega Rangers in the Legendary Megazord accessed this power for the finisher, where the Legendary Megazord charges immense levels of energy within it, then infuses the energy into the Q-Rex Megazord, then attacks (while being backed by the Legendary Megazord) drill arm-first through the target.

Post GB

At the start of Super Megaforce, it was known that there were Legendary Powers for each of the first 18 Power Ranger teams. It was then discovered that the Super Mega Rangers, having accepted themselves as the 19th Power Rangers, had gained their own Legendary Power. With the revelation of the Second Generation Ranger Operators having a Legendary Power, it can be assumed that there are Legendary Powers for the rangers beyond them, such as the Dino Charge Rangers, Train Quantum Guardians, Ninja Steel Rangers, & Beast Guardian Rangers. though it is unknown if they will ever be revealed or depicted.

So far, based on the lessons that each Post-GB Power Rangers depicts, their Legendary Power could be as follows:

Legendary Power of the Riders

The Legendary Power of the Riders had been pursued by Emperor Troy, leader of the Great Armada, to claim the Ultimate Treasure in the Universe.

The treasure is later revealed to be the teamwork between the Power Rangers & the Riders, as shown by the Mega Rangers giving Kamen Riders Dragon Knight & Spade Warrior their reflection cards & Power Rider giving the Super Mega Rangers his Power Coins that become the Power Rider Ranger Keys, which they use with the Super Mega Cannon.War of the Heroes


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