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Leon "Leo"
Red Lion Ranger
Gender: Male
Season(s): Power Rangers Legend of the Beasts
Colors: Red
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: TBA
Last Appearance: TBA
Number of Episode
Red Lion Ranger

Leo /Leon is the protagonist and the Red Lion Ranger. He's being chosen by accident because when he's traveling and explores South Afica and meets other veterinarians animals and pets being turned into monsters and started attacking him. When he saw and injured lion cub he carries it and get to safety but there's a dead end. Before the monster kills them Leo raises all his courage and tries to fight but there's an red energy jumps to his hand and he uses it. He puts the lion cub to a safe place and uses the item to transform into Red Lion Ranger and destorys the monsters and turned the animals back to normal.

He's being told by the Guardian in form of a lion about an evil warning, be on his guard and there will be other rangers to help him.  


  • My character shares the same first name of the Red Galaxy Ranger from PR Lost Galaxy  Power Rangers season from 1999 and now Zyuoh Lion from Zyuohger the new Super Sentai season on 2016. I was thinking of naming him Leon. 
  • My Red Ranger Loin design is based on  Lost Glaxy Red (Ginga Red) and Wildforce Red (Gao Red) as  Lion themed rangers (RED)
  • His life is similar to Kakeru Shishi fro Gaoranger because I like veterinarians looking after animals / pets and helps them. He also got the same ablities like him as well. 
  • My character works like a veterinarian occasionally and now he works at the zoo to treat and helps animals there. 
  • His Lion mecha is based on Ginga Lion and Gao Lion. 

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