Lightspeed Back Again, Part 2
2, Episode 22
Written by Carmel's Hope
Directed by Carmel's Hope
Episode Guide
Lightspeed Back Again, Part 1
Lightspeed Back Again, Part 3

Lightspeed Back Again, Part 2 is the twenty-second episode of season 2 of Power Rangers Samurai. It follows Lightspeed Back Again, Part 1 and is followed by Lightspeed Back Again, Part 3. This episode is also called Lightspeed Back Again, Part 2: Samurai vs. Lightspeed.


Tebbi's plan improves as the Rangers' clashes turn to name-calling and hitting. But all goes seriously wrong when Jessie turns up missing. The Rangers must find out about Jessie's whereabouts, without bickering.


  • The parts where Brittney calls Kelsey a "Stupid Bitch" is replaced in the Nickelodeon version, with her calling Kelsey a "Stupid Idiot".
  • This also happens for Chellby when she is calling Dana a "Whore", it was replaced with the word "Dirt-bag", she also says the word "damn" which is replaced with "flippin'".
  • The curse words that the Rangers say are used in the Nick@Nite version.

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