These are the list of zords that appear in Power Rangers Rainbow Force.

Crystal Zords

The Crystal Zords were the first zords used by the Rainbow Rangers. Due to the Ventus never being super sized, zords were never needed before hand, so the zords were actually rebuilt and designed from zords from the Mighty Morphin Era.

Crystal Rainbow Megazord

Primus Megazord

Sapphire Pegasus Zord

Recreated from the Unicorn Thunderzord (and later the Firebird Thunderzord)

Ruby Carbuncle Zord

Recreated from the Crane Ninjazord

Emerald Tortoise Zord

recreated from Tor the Shuttlezord

Secondor Megazord

Topaz Tiger Zord

Recreated from the White Tiger Thunderzord

Amber Mammoth Zord

Recreated from the Mastodon Dinozord

Cobalt Eagle Zord

Recreated from the Falcon Ninjazord

Amethyst Wildcat Zord

Recreated from the Saber-Toothed Tiger Dinozord

Mega Crystal Dragonzord


The Original Zord from the Mighty Morphin Era.

Titan Megazord Mode

Titan Battlezord Mode

Recreated from the Ape Ninjazord

Quartz-Rex Megazord Mode

Quartz-Rex Zord Mode

Receated from the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord. Heavily based on the Quantumsaurus-Rex Zord from Time Force

Syenite Dragon Megazord

Syenite Dragon Carrierzord

Recreated from the Red Dragon Thunderzord

Elemental Zords

The Elemental Zords are the first real zord that were not rebuilt from old zords, but they are modified forms of the zords.

Elemental Rainbow Megazord

Fire Jet Zord

Earth Tank Zord

Lightning Artillery Zord

Wood Sub Zord

Water Craft Zord

Metal Copter Zord

Air Racer Zord

Q-Shuttle Megazord Mode

Q-Shuttle Zord Mode

Continuum Freight Train Meazord

Continuum Freight Train Carrierzord

Toxic Zords

The Toxic Zords were created by Typoneus' head engineer, Xon. Who also created the Five Toxic Rangers morphers and powers. they were based on Serpents and Serpent-like creatures

Hydrus Megazord Beast Mode

Hydrus Megazord Battle Mode

Aquamarine Leviathan Zord

Bloodstone Calcatrix Zord

Diamond Basilisk Zord

Obsidian Titanoboa Zord

Jasper Naja Khan Zord

Parallel Zords

Arch Jewel Megazord

Tri-Colour Megazord

Lapis Lazuli Winged Hippokampi Zord

Beryl Negabuncle Zord

Jade Kappa Zord

Tertany Megazord

Sardonyx Mastodon Zord

Morganite Panther Zord

Tanzanite Roc Zord

Heliodor Sabre-Tooth Zord

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